How to Get Proof of Insurance From Farm Bureau

If you need to prove that you have car insurance through Farm Bureau, you can request a physical copy from your local agent or print one off from your online account. Here’s how.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Shannon Martin
If you have auto coverage through Farm Bureau, you can use your online account to get immediate access to your
proof of insurance
digitally. You should also get a physical card in the mail.
Drivers in 48 states must purchase liability insurance—and they must carry proof of insurance at all times. You'll need this document if you get pulled over or get into an accident. Luckily, you can show electronic proof of insurance in almost every state. 
Here’s a quick guide to help you get your proof of
car insurance
from Farm Bureau. 
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What counts as proof of insurance?

When you purchase a car insurance policy, you will receive several different documents. While these all technically prove that you have insurance, you don’t need to keep them all in your vehicle.
First, there’s the
car insurance declaration page
. This includes all the information about your policy, including your
policy number
, coverage levels, effective dates, your name and address, and information about your car and the insurance company. You can use this page to demonstrate proof of insurance if you’re buying a car or even if you get pulled over.
However, it’s a long document, and most people prefer to keep this page in their files.
The second document is your insurance identification card. This is a physical card you can keep in your wallet or glove box to act as proof of insurance. You’ll need this card to register your vehicle at the DMV or if you get pulled over by law enforcement. If you lose this card, you can request another one or print it out yourself via the Farm Bureau online account manager.
You may also have a third document called a binder letter. This is typically only used by the courts, so you can safely file it away for now.
It is legal in nearly every state to show proof of insurance on your phone. You can pull it up by using your phone to log into the Farm Bureau mobile app (only available in some states), logging into your online account in a browser, or showing a screenshot of your insurance identification information.
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How to obtain proof of insurance from Farm Bureau

Here are several ways to get a copy of your insurance information from Farm Bureau: 
  1. Via the Farm Bureau website: Log into your online account with Farm Bureau. In the online account manager, you can view the details of each insured vehicle. Select the auto policy and click Print Proof of Liability Card. You can use this paper card as proof of insurance, or you can show the digital policy on your phone.
  2. Via phone request: Contact your local Farm Bureau office if you’ve lost your card and need a replacement. The agent can have a new card mailed to your address. You may need to verify your information, so have your policy number on hand before picking up the phone.
  3. Via the Farm Bureau Benefits mobile app: Download the app and set up your online account. In this app, you can view your proof of insurance and keep track of all the other benefits associated with Farm Bureau membership.

When do you need to show proof of insurance?

Every state requires drivers to carry proof of insurance, except for
New Hampshire
, which accept other forms of proof of financial responsibility. 
Here are some situations where you’d need to show proof of insurance: 
  • You get pulled over: Whenever law enforcement pulls you over for a traffic stop, they’ll ask for your license, registration, and proof of insurance. If you can’t provide these documents, you may receive a ticket and have to pay a fine. 
  • Registering a car at the DMV: If you’re renewing your
    car tags
    , the DMV will ask you to provide proof of insurance before completing the process. 
  • You get into an accident: If you’re at fault in an accident, you’ll need to exchange insurance information with the other driver. They may file a
    bodily injury
    property damage
    claim against your policy with Farm Bureau. 
  • You’re buying a car with a loan: When you apply for an
    auto loan
    , a potential lender is definitely going to ask whether you have car insurance. 
  • Your job involves driving: While most companies offer commercial driving insurance, they’ll probably want to know if you also have personal insurance to round out your coverage. 
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Yes—as long as it’s a PDF of your up-to-date insurance card. Keep in mind that law enforcement and the DMV in Massachusetts and New Mexico do not have to accept digital proof of insurance, so it’s best to keep a physical copy in your car if you live in one of these states.
For most people, it’s easiest to show a physical insurance card. You can keep this in your wallet or in your glove box. A physical card is easier to hand over to a police officer or a DMV employee. You can also show digital insurance through Farm Bureau’s app or via your online account, but this isn’t accepted in every state. Plus, you’ll be without proof of insurance if your phone dies or if you leave your phone behind.
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