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Can you get car insurance without a license? The short answer is: yes. You can get car insurance without your license as long as there’s a primary driver on the policy who has their driver’s license.
There are some reasons why you might need to get car insurance without a license. Maybe you only have a permit at the moment, or maybe you want to cover a teen driver in your home.
While it’s possible to take out a car insurance policy if you don’t have a license, it can be tricky. That’s why Jerry has compiled everything you need to know about no license car insurance.
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Car insurance without a license: How it works

Most people assume that you need to have a valid driver’s license to purchase car insurance, but this isn’t always the case. Here are a few examples of times when you can take out a no license car insurance policy.
  • You no longer drive but keep a vehicle on hand so that someone else can take you to appointments or pick up necessities.
  • You have a learner’s permit and want to make sure that you have coverage when you practice driving.
  • You have a teen driver in your family who’s underage and unable to get their own auto insurance. If you’re included in their policy, they can secure coverage and the premium might be more affordable.
  • You don’t drive but own collector or antique vehicles that are at risk of being stolen, damaged, or vandalized.
  • You’ve had your driving privileges revoked but you still own a registered vehicle.

How to get car insurance without a license

You don’t actually need a license to get car insurance quotes in most states, so the shopping process is typically the same as with a driver’s license.
Just keep in mind that you might be asked to provide the driver’s license number of the primary driver, so it’s a good idea to have this information on hand.
To get car insurance without a license, you could visit multiple websites and fill out multiple forms, but this can be really time-consuming. If you’d rather leave the hard work of gathering quotes to someone else, sign up for Jerry.
Buying no license car insurance is easier when you use Jerry. After providing you with a comprehensive cross-analysis of the best policies across providers, Jerry will handle the phone calls and paperwork to switch you over to your new plan so that you don’t have to.
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Who’s allowed to be a primary driver on a car insurance policy?

Once you find a no license car insurance quote that works for you, you’ll need to provide the name of a primary driver to take out the policy. The primary driver is the person who uses the insured vehicle the most.
For example, if you keep a vehicle on hand for your homecare provider to use, you should put their name down as the primary driver. Or if you’re taking out a policy for your teenager, you should put down their name as the primary driver.
Sometimes multiple people may qualify to be the primary driver, and this isn’t a bad thing. Since insurance companies take the primary driver’s record into account when they’re deciding how much to charge for car insurance without a license, it’s generally a good idea to default to the driver who has the cleanest record.

How to add a named or primary driver on a policy

Once you choose your primary driver, you’ll also have the option to include one or more named drivers on the policy. These are generally people who don’t operate your car as often as the primary driver.
If you choose to add one or more named drivers in addition to your primary driver, just be sure that they all have a DMV-issued driver’s license or a provisional license.
You can also choose to exclude specific drivers from your policy. If you have people in your household with poor driving records, they could cause your car insurance rates to spike. By excluding them, you can pay a more affordable price for your no license car insurance.
Just keep in mind that if you do choose to exclude somebody from your policy, you’re promising your insurance company that this person won’t drive your vehicle–so make sure you’re able to stand by your promise.

How to get car insurance with a suspended license

There are a few reasons why you could end up with a suspended license. You may have too many traffic violations or a DUI under your belt, or you might have gotten into an at-fault accident while uninsured.
You can still get car insurance with a suspended license. In fact, you may actually need to have car insurance per your state’s minimum requirements to prove that you have adequate protection.
So how can you prove that you have coverage if you have a suspended license? You can submit an SR22 form to the state through your car insurance company.
An SR22 is attached to your regular car insurance policy. It indicates to your state DMV that you’re complying with the state-minimum auto insurance requirements, even while your license is suspended.
If you’re searching for car insurance with a suspended license, Jerry can help you find affordable coverage in seconds. What’s more, Jerry will take care of all the paperwork and phone calls to start your new policy and cancel the old one. Oh, and it’s free!

Where to get the cheapest car insurance with no license

In most states, shopping for car insurance without a license typically isn’t all that different from shopping for insurance with a license. This means you can contact each potential provider to get a quote.
But it’s generally recommended that you get at least three to five quotes to compare rates. Getting each of these quotes individually can be a big drain on your time.
If you want to save time and avoid the hassles of buying car insurance, sign up for Jerry. Once you enter a few basic pieces of information, you’ll be presented with competitive quotes from up to 45 top providers.
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Where can I get car insurance without a license?

Some companies will be hesitant to insure a driver without a driver’s license, so instead of going for a nation-wide company, get quotes from a regional or local carrier.
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