What Is the Best Time to Travel to San Antonio?

Summer is the most popular time to visit San Antonio, but if you want to get the greatest deals, go in the fall or winter.
Written by Claire Beaney
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Updated on Apr 12, 2022
San Antonio, dubbed the “Alamo City” and the “River City”, is home to just as many well-known attractions as there are hidden gems. While
San Antonio
is at its busiest during the summer, you might want to make the trip between fall and winter for chiller weather, fun activities, and cheap rates.
San Antonio has a distinct charm and authenticity that distinguishes it from other major
hubs—this rapidly-growing city has a plethora of cultural sites to explore, not to mention an exceptional culinary, art, and festival scene. High temperature and pricier hotel rates can influence your visit, though, so it’s important to time your trip properly.
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The best times of year to travel to San Antonio

The best time to visit San Antonio is determined by a few crucial questions. If you’re looking for the ideal family vacation, you'll want to go during the peak season: summer. If saving money on travel and accommodations is more essential to you, go in the fall or winter.

Peak season: May to August

The good: Tons of events and things to do
The bad: High temperatures, crowded
The weather: High 80s to mid-90s
San Antonio attracts thousands of Texas families during summer vacation—thanks in part to its historical significance and family-friendly theme parks.
While temps can average between 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels sit at 60%, there are plenty of things to see and do around the city that make it worth visiting despite the heat! 
The city has plenty of fireworks shows throughout the summer, thanks to the busy
Memorial Day
July 4th
celebrations, and you can cool down from the heat with a long float on the nearby
Comal River
or by swimming in
Medina Lake
Other high-season activities include the popular
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
, the
Fiesta Niche del Rio
festival held between June and August, or June’s
Texas Folklike Festival
Pro Tip If you're considering a summer trip to San Antonio, book as far in advance as possible—at least two months beforehand is recommended to secure the best deals or ensure lodging.

Off-season: September to December

The good: Lower temperatures, cheap rates
The bad: Chilly winds
The weather: Mid-to-low 60s
After the summer season has passed, the tourist season also begins to wane, so visitors can get a good discount on lodging. Fortunately, there is still plenty to see in the fall and winter without having to worry about the scorching summer sun.
If you’re down for a scare, then check out the
13th Floor Haunted House
on Commerce Street or participate in the
Sisters Grimm ghost tour
. Or, if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway during the holidays, then take in the
Holiday Lights on the River Walk
or experience a San Antonio tradition by picking up some
holiday tamales

Shoulder season: January to April

The good: Best weather, few crowds
The bad: Higher rates than in winter
The weather: Mid 60s to high 70s
Spring is San Antonio's "shoulder season," or the period between the high and low seasons. If you visit during this time, you'll avoid the worst of the Texas heat while still experiencing the finest that the city has to offer.
The city awakens from winter with gorgeous flower blooms and the amazingly fun
San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo
in February—you can also check out the historic
on the anniversary of its battle during this month. 
Plan a trip during April to partake in
, one of the largest multi-week celebrations in San Antonio. Mission City hosts a plethora of cultural celebrations through parades, festivals, and parties, beginning with an Oyster Bake that attracts 60,000-70,000 visitors each year. 

The cheapest time to travel to San Antonio

If you're looking for the cheapest time to visit San Antonio, plan a trip during the winter. San Antonio is the largest tourist city for fellow Texans, so families and groups flock there during the summer, hiking up prices drastically.
However, you can try visiting at either the start or tail-end of summer to try to avoid the higher prices and large crowds if you book during May or September. There really isn’t a shortage of things to do and see around San Antonio, so you can visit at any time—and rest assured you’re in for a great vacation!

Find the best month for your visit to San Antonio

Are you ready to narrow down the best month to visit the Alamo City? Look through the table below to determine the best time for your San Antonio trip based on your preferred activities.
Best month to visit
San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo
features fairgrounds, livestock shows, cowboys, and musical performances—all make for a must-see event!
The Alamo
Visit this historic site for a blast to the past—planning your trip to coincide with the battle’s February anniversary is the best way to take it in!
April through August
San Antonio has incredible festivals throughout the year—hit up the iconic
in April, check out the
Texas Folklife Festival
in June, or take in some cinema at the
San Antonio Film Festival
in August.
4th of July
If you’re looking for a festive, fun, firework-filled 4th of July, then San Antonio is the place to be.
Ghost tours
A guided nighttime tour through San Antonio’s historic streets makes for the perfect spooky activity.
River Walk
October to January
The walkway began as a make-work project during the Great Depression and has since evolved to become the heart of San Antonio! Visit during these months to avoid the heat, humidity, and crowds.
Holiday food
Celebrate San Antonio’s favorite holiday treat, tamales, by visiting the annual
La Gran Tamalada
Pro Tip San Antonio has fantastic food, interesting festivals, and historic excursions all year, so plan your trip around your budget and the weather if you're not interested in particular events.

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