What is this Nissan disposition fee I’m getting charged for?

I’m never going to lease a car again. I had a bad experience with leasing, and now that the lease is over I’m seeing a “Nissan disposition fee” on my liability statement. Could you guys explain this and why I’m getting charged for it?

Matt Terzi · Answered on Jan 30, 2023
Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
We’re happy to explain the Nissan disposition fee and how you might get out of paying it, too. A disposition fee, also commonly referred to as a turn-in fee, is meant to cover the costs of preparing your former car for resale.
This includes cleaning the car and making minor aesthetic repairs. Most car companies charge these fees, directly through their financing department or through the dealership.
Nissan will oftentimes (but not always) grant you a “loyalty waiver” if you’re financing or leasing a new Nissan within 90 days of trading in your old one. It’s important to note they’ll only waive the Nissan disposition fee if you’re financing or leasing through Nissan. If you’re financing through a bank, this option may not be available.
Leases have a great sales pitch: you’re getting a car that costs less per month than buying it, and you’re not paying any maintenance. And hey, if you don’t like the car, you can get a new one when the lease is over, right?
But leases have some big downsides the dealership doesn’t tell you about. You’re essentially paying down a big chunk of the car’s sticker price, only to give that car back after paying for a lot of it. Maintenance costs aren’t much of a concern with most brand new cars, which would be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.
We’re not saying leases are always a bad idea, but it’s definitely worth researching a car’s reliability and long-term costs before committing to a lease versus financing the car and buying it. In a lot of cases you’re better off owning the car than leasing it. Just food for thought as you exit this lease and consider buying or leasing a new car. We hope this information is helpful!
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