What does idle mean on a car?

I don’t understand what’s happening under the hood when I idle. What does idle mean on a car?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Good question! The basic definition of idling is when your engine is running but the vehicle is not moving.
When your vehicle is idle, it means that everything is powered on. Technically speaking, it could move at any moment, although it’s in a neutral gear.
When is idling bad? Idling in parking lots is prohibited by many schools and businesses since emissions are bad for the environment. You emit a ton of exhaust when you stay in the same place without moving. The term “idling” usually means that you are running your engine unnecessarily for a prolonged period of time.
When is idling good? Idling can help you charge your battery or warm up the engine in cold weather. In some situations, it’s important to idle the car for a few minutes before driving.
Excessive idling is not good for a vehicle, however. Idling means that your engine cannot reach peak temperature. So, fuel is only partially combusted and begins to build up residue on the cylinder walls. This could damage the spark plugs, cylinders, and exhaust system.
Hope this was helpful!
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