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How much does it cost to replace a door mirror?

The average total cost for a door mirror replacement is $0, with $0 for parts and $0 for mechanic labor. The exact price will vary based on door mirror type and your vehicle’s make and model.
How long does it take to replace a door mirror? It usually takes 0.0 hours for a certified mechanic to replace a car door mirror. Your mechanic will inspect your car door and your mirror to determine if a replacement is necessary, then proceed with the replacement process. 
Here’s a look at door mirror replacement costs for different vehicles:

How did we estimate these prices?

Jerry's experts researched and collected data from 2500+ real repair shops in all 50 states in the US, including everything from the total cost of repair services to the hourly labor cost for mechanic labor in each shop. We combined that data with our expert database of hundreds of real repair jobs, thousands of real cars, millions of real car part prices in order to best estimate the cost of each repair service. Our labor cost estimate is calculated by taking the average hourly labor rate for a certified mechanic in the US, times the number of hours it takes on average to complete a repair. We recommend you compare your local shops with Jerry and contact those shops directly to get final pricing for your vehicle.

What parts do I need for my door mirror replacement and how much do those parts cost?

The exact parts required for a door mirror replacement will vary based on the vehicle and type of mirror, but here’s a general overview of the expected parts and tools:
  • Door mirror assembly and mirror glass: Depending on your specific vehicle, your door mirror assembly will include electrical components, mirror glass, and housing. A door mirror assembly can cost as little as $50 or as much as $500. We recommend brands like TYC, Dorman, and Fit System
  • Mounting hardware: Depending on the design of your car mirror, you may need bolts, screws, or other hardware to ensure the new mirror is attached correctly. In some cases, you may be able to reuse the hardware from your old mirror. Mounting hardware costs $40 on average. Recommended brands are Dorman, ACDelco, and URO Parts.
  • Screwdriver set or socket set: To properly secure the bolts and screws that hold your car mirror in place, and to remove any trim panels to complete the replacement, you may need a screwdriver set or socket set. Screwdriver sets and socket sets can range in price from $30 to $100.
  • Electrical connector tools: If your mirror offers electric adjustments or heating, you may need electrical connector tools to disconnect and reconnect the electrical wiring. These tools can cost upwards of $40.
  • Adhesive: For some vehicles, adhesives are required to correctly attach the new mirror to the door frame. Your owner’s manual will outline if you require adhesive or adhesive pads for your mirror replacement. The price of adhesive will vary depending on the type required for your vehicle.
You can purchase door mirror replacement parts for your vehicle at local auto parts shops like Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone and NAPA Auto Parts. Online retailers like Amazon and RockAuto are also a convenient option for parts shopping. Keep in mind that the best options for your door mirror replacement parts will vary depending on your’s year, make, and model.
Aftermarket door mirrors may be cheaper, but OEM door mirrors last longer due to higher quality materials, perfectly fit your car, and typically come with warranties. Aftermarket door mirrors may be more prone to wear and tear, and they usually do not come with warranties.
You can buy OEM parts for a car door mirror replacement directly from your vehicle’s dealership or from automotive parts shops like AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts and NAPA Auto Parts. You can also purchase aftermarket replacement mirrors from Amazon, RockAuto, or other online car part retailers. Check your owner’s manual for mirror specifications to ensure you get the correct parts for your car.

Where can I get my door mirror replaced?

Car door mirrors are essential for safe driving, and if yours are broken, you should hire a mechanic to replace them. Luckily, Jerry's
can compare costs from over 2,500 vetted automotive repair shops in the US to help you find the right mechanic for the job. 
Jerry's GarageGuard™ compares fair price estimates* from each shop using their real hourly labor rate. With Jerry's GarageGuard™, you learn about the cost of diagnostic fees (and find out if it’s included in the auto repair or replacement cost), and you’ll see real reviews to help you choose the best automotive service.
Check out some of our vetted shops below and download the app to compare car repair quotes in your area.
129 Reviews
I & A Automotive
24850 Aurora Rd Ste G, Cleveland, OH
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(Included in service charges)
173 Reviews
Victory Auto Service & Glass - St. Petersburg
3001 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)
130 Reviews
Discount Tire & Service Centers - Rancho Santa Margarita
23051 Antonio Pkwy,, Mission Viejo, CA
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)
176 Reviews
Masters Touch Auto Repair, Inc.
6701 Chew Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)

How did we vet these shops?

Jerry experts researched 2500+ real repair shops across the US. We talked to real shop customers, and analyzed both real shop pricing data and thousands of real customer reviews from each shop to verify them individually. We do not partner with the shops listed above, and our analysis is always unbiased.

How will a mechanic replace my door mirror?

New car door mirrors require precise installation, so you should take your vehicle to a mechanic if you have a faulty or damaged door mirror. The procedural replacement steps for a car door mirror will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but here’s a general rundown of the process:
  1. Preparation: Your mechanic will park your vehicle on a flat surface, turn off the engine, and disconnect the battery. They will also collect any tools required for the replacement.
  2. Access the mirror mounting: Door mirror mounting points are usually accessible through the interior door panel or from outside of the vehicle. Your mechanic will remove the interior door panel or any trim pieces that obstruct access to the door mirror bolts or screws.
  3. Disconnect electrical connections: Some door mirrors have electrical connections that support power adjustments, heating, or turn signals. Your mechanic will disconnect any of the mirror’s electrical wiring.
  4. Remove the old mirror: Your mechanic will remove any mounting hardware that secures the old mirror to the door frame. 
  5. Install the new mirror: Your mechanic will align the new side mirror with the mounting points of the old mirror and secure it in place with the correct bolts or screws.
  6. Reconnect electrical connections: If your mirrors use electrical connections to power certain mirror features, your mechanic will ensure they are wired to the new mirror.
  7. Test the mirror: Your mechanic will test the door mirror to ensure all electrical features work correctly. 
  8. Reassemble the door panel: If the door panel inside the vehicle or exterior trim pieces were removed to access the car door mirror, your mechanic will reinstall them. 
  9. Final inspection: The mechanic will perform a final inspection to ensure that the door mirror is correctly installed and fully operating.

What happens if I don’t replace my door mirror?

If you notice your door mirror is damaged or missing, you should have it replaced immediately. Without two fully functioning car door mirrors, you could encounter the following issues:
  • Lower side-view or rear-view visibility 
  • Safety issues while changing lanes, merging, or reversing
  • Lower driving confidence
  • Traffic citation
  • Damage to electrical components
  • Lower resale value

What is a door mirror?

Car door mirrors are located on the side of your vehicle, and they allow you to see what’s happening around your vehicle. When side view mirrors break, it’s harder to see in your blind spots or judge if merging or changing lanes is safe.
Keep in mind: It’s illegal to drive without functional door mirrors in most states.

When should I replace the door mirror on my car?

Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace your car door mirror:
  1. Damaged mirror glass: If your door mirror glass is cracked, shattered, or damaged from vandalism or a car accident, it's important to replace it immediately. Damaged car door mirror glass lowers visibility and can create safety issues.
  2. Missing mirror: It is common for car door mirrors to go missing, whether from theft or from an accident. Get your mirror replaced immediately if you notice it’s no longer on your vehicle.
  3. Mirror housing damage: If your mirror housing is dented, cracked, or damaged in another way, you should replace the entire door mirror assembly to prevent further damage.
  4. Loose mirror: If your mirror is not holding its position and appears loose or shaky, its mounting points may be loose. Your mechanic can repair the mirror if the mourning hardware simply requires tuning, or they may suggest a replacement.
  5. Electrical malfunctions: If your automatic mirrors fail to power adjust or if the heating or turn signals are not working properly, you may need to repair or replace the mirror assembly.
  6. Visibility issues: Car door mirrors are prone to fogging, discoloration, and stains. If you can’t see a clear depiction of your surroundings, get your door mirrors replaced.

How often should a door mirror be replaced?

Whether they are power-adjustable or manual, car door mirrors are made to last the lifetime of your vehicle. Unfortunately, door mirrors are prone to external damage due to their protruding designs. There’s a high chance you’ll need to replace your door mirror or door mirror housing at some point throughout your vehicle's lifespan. 

Can I replace my door mirror myself?

Yes, you can turn your car door mirror replacement into a DIY project. With that said, it’s generally recommended that you take your vehicle to a repair shop for this job, especially if you need to replace a power-adjustable mirror or the entire mirror housing.
If installed incorrectly, your car door mirrors could come loose from the housing and fall forward while driving, or they may not adjust correctly. To avoid any door mirror mishaps, ask a certified mechanic to get on the job.


Depending on the type and capabilities of your car door mirror, you can expect a price range between $100 and $300.
Yes, if your car door mirror is damaged or missing, you can visit a local mechanic to get a replacement mirror installed. Vehicle manufacturers offer OEM car door mirror replacements, so you can ensure you get the right mirror for your car.
On average, it costs $500 to $600 for a mechanic to replace the door mirrors on a Toyota. Costs will vary depending on the make, model, and trim of your Toyota, plus the electrical features offered by your car door mirror.
The average cost to replace a broken side mirror is $0, with $0 for parts and $0 for labor costs. Side mirror replacement costs will vary depending on your vehicle’s make, model, and trim level.

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