How will I know if my car is out of gas?

What are the signs that you ran out of gas? I’m in the middle of a road trip with my best friend. At one point yesterday, I was very low on gas but we had another 13 miles until the next gas station. We made it, but my car started acting funny right before we got there. Now my friend is convinced something is wrong with my car, but I think we were just running out of gas.

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Aside from the gas hiccup, I hope you and your friend are having fun on the road trip so far!
When planning to drive lots of miles, it is very important to make sure your vehicle always has enough fuel. When your car is out of gas, it will definitely let you know.
But waiting until it gets to that point could damage your vehicle, so try to fill up before you notice the following.
The fuel gauge is on empty: The easiest and quickest way to assess your gas level is to check the fuel gauge on the dashboard. If the fuel indicator shows your car is low on gas (below a quarter-tank), it is best to fill up ASAP.
The car hesitates to start: If you experience difficulty starting your engine, this could be another sign you are running low on gas. This is because the vehicle requires a certain level of fuel in order to start your car.
The car stalls: If you manage to start your car with very little fuel, there is a high chance the vehicle will start stalling. The car might stall right after it starts or shortly after driving away.
If you notice your vehicle is experiencing any of these signs, get gas at the nearest station or contact roadside assistance.
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