How do you replace the hood release cable in a Toyota Camry?

The hood release cable on my car has gotten a bit stretched out and only works if I manually pull the cable from inside the vehicle using pliers. It seems like an easy fix, so I’d prefer to do it myself and save some money rather than pay a mechanic. How can I replace the hood release cable on my Toyota Camry?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
You’re right; replacing the hood release cable on a
Toyota Camry
is a relatively easy fix, and doing the job yourself is a great way to save some money!
The process and tools required can vary slightly based on the year of your Camry, but in general, to replace a hood release cable on a Toyota Camry, you should:
  1. Lift the hood and disconnect the hood release cable from the hood latch using the appropriate tools.
  2. Disconnect the hood release cable from the hood release lever located inside the vehicle using the appropriate tools.
  3. Pull the old cable out of its housing.
  4. Thread the new hood release cable through the cable housing starting from the hood release lever inside the vehicle. Make sure the cable is correctly secured to the hood release lever.
  5. Pull the cable tight and reattach it to the hood latch.
  6. Check to make sure pulling the hood release lever disengages the hood latch.
  7. Close the hood.
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