Everything You Need to Know About Chevy Telematics

Chevrolet uses GM’s telematics program, OnStar Vehicle Insights, to monitor fleet vehicles and driving habits. Keep reading for more about this useful system.
Written by Jessica Gibson
Reviewed by Pat Roache
More and more vehicles offer
, which is a useful car-tracking system that relies on GPS and internal hardware. Chevy’s OnStar Vehicle Insights provides useful feedback for drivers and fleet managers.
You’re probably familiar with OnStar Navigation, but how much do you know about its telematics system? Chevy uses GMC’s OnStar Vehicle Insights system that combines state-of-the-art telecommunications and a global navigation system. This streamlined program gives fleet managers and drivers helpful feedback about vehicle condition and location, along with driver habits and safety recommendations.
In this quick guide, we’ll answer your questions about Chevy’s telematics, who would benefit from using the system, and how using it could even help you lower your
car insurance
rate. Let’s get started.

What is Chevrolet Telematics?

General Motors developed Chevy’s telematics program,
OnStar Vehicle Insights
, to help fleet owners keep track of their business operations and vehicles. Fleet owners and even individual drivers can use the telematics system to learn about their driving habits and record trip data. Telematics even makes it easier to plan efficient routes and streamline deliveries.
The telematics system comes installed in 2015 and newer Chevrolet vehicles. To use the program, pay a monthly subscription fee and get access to:
  • Vehicle location: Get real-time GPS positioning for each vehicle.
  • Vehicle health: See the mileage, fuel efficiency, oil condition, warnings, and
    scheduled car maintenance
  • Driver behavior: Watch the driver’s speed, send alerts about traffic, or change the driver’s route.
  • Performance insights: Get a basic overview that analyzes the data for your fleet.
  • Remove commands: Let drivers lock, unlock, and remote start a vehicle using the OnStar website or app if they get
    locked out
  • Daily trip summaries: Create a trip tracker that records the route, distance, speed, and more.
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How does Chevy OnStar Vehicle Insights work?

The Vehicle Insights software uses the car’s GPS to track its location and speed. The telematics command center also communicates with the vehicle to provide notifications when certain sensors are triggered. 
For instance, if a vehicle’s airbag deploys, the command center is notified, and a Vehicle Insights operator contacts the driver to find out what’s going on. If there’s been an accident or the operator can’t reach the driver, the command center will send roadside assistance or emergency services to the vehicle. 
There’s no need to plug in hardware or link to Bluetooth. OnStar hardware has been installed in all GM makes (including Buick, Cadillac, and GMC) from the model year 2015 on. But if you’ve got non-GM vehicles or older GM models (pre-2015), you can still add OnStar Vehicle Insights. Just plug the Fleet Adaptor into a vehicle’s OBD-II port to begin receiving data.

Who should use Chevy’s telematics solution?

Although Chevrolet’s Vehicle Insights is often marketed to fleet drivers, anyone who wants to improve their driving habits should use a telematics system. For instance, if you tend to be an aggressive driver, accelerating harshly and slamming on your brakes, telematics can remind you to brake slowly or watch your speed. 
Chevy makes it easy to use the system. Download the free app from
Google Play
so you have access to the telematics data from anywhere! 
If you’re in charge of several vehicles for your job, OnStar Vehicle Insights is a lifesaver. You can pinpoint exactly where your vehicles are and when they need maintenance. These features are especially helpful if you’re in a business that delivers goods—you can see right where your products are and when they’ll be delivered.

Is Chevy Telematics worth it?

Fleet owners will certainly benefit from the streamlined features. With OnStar, managers can keep track of every vehicle’s location and tell when they’re due for automotive servicing (or a quick refuel). Is traffic delaying a delivery? Use the info to communicate with customers and send messaging drivers to keep the business running smoothly. 
Plus, owners can monitor their drivers’ performance and get a complete travel log for each trip. You’ll instantly have organized digital paperwork for your entire fleet. Keep in mind that functionality can vary depending on the vehicle.
Individual drivers can also take advantage of the telematics system. Not only does the system monitor driving habits, but it can also coach drivers to be less risky on the road! In-Vehicle Coaching is a supplemental virtual feature that gives real-time cues so that Chevy drivers can be safer drivers. Instead of using warning lights or sounds, the feature uses real-time spoken reminders, so drivers are more likely to listen and respond.
Did we mention that telematics can save you money? Most car insurance providers offer a telematics discount. Some carriers offer an instant discount for installing a system. Then, they’ll look at the several months of data to determine if you’re a
safe driver
and reward you with an even bigger discount. Pretty sweet! 
Be warned, though—if the telematics data shows aggressive driving habits, insurers reserve the right to raise your insurance rates! Reach out to your provider to find out which telematics system they want you to use and how long they need to track your driving habits.
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Telematics monitors driving behavior like accelerating, braking, and speeding. It also uses GPS to track the location of a vehicle, the distance traveled, the length of the trip, and the route taken.
GPS stands for Global Positioning System, a radio-navigation system owned and operated by the U.S. Air Force. Telematics combines GPS with telecommunications to organize and report driving data. Telematics usually tracks vehicle location, braking, acceleration, idling, and more.
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