How do I change the power steering fluid on my Ford Explorer?

Can I change the power steering fluid on my Ford Explorer by myself? My car is at 80,000 miles and I need to change my steering fluid, but I want to avoid taking it to a mechanic.

Maintenance tasks like changing your power steering fluid are best left to the professionals to avoid damage to your vehicle. But, if you’re good with cars or like to try it yourself, then follow the steps below.
  • First, identify what kind of fluid your vehicle needs. You can check your user’s manual for more information.
  • Then, locate the proper reservoir in the engine area. It should be labeled with power steering fluid or feature a steering wheel icon.
  • Use a vacuum pump or a large turkey baster to suck out the old fluid from your car.
  • Locate the return line feeding into your power fluid reservoir. There are two lines on all steering fluid reservoirs—one for taking fluid out and the other for returning fluid to it. The return line will be the one mounted above the other line.
  • Remove the clap on the return line using a wrench to pull off the hose. Then use a scrap piece of tube to seal off the return line temporarily.
  • Remove any remaining fluid with your vacuum pump. Then, you can top off the reservoir with clean power steering fluid.
  • Now, unseal your return line and reconnect the hose back with the clap. Close off your reservoir with its cap and turn on your engine.
  • Rotate your steering wheel to the right and left several times, checking for any tightness or stiffness.
Once done, you should enjoy a smooth ride!
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Hana Sabah
Answered on Nov 05, 2021

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