How can I get my car out of the snow?

It is my first winter driving in snow, and I am super nervous! I am terrified that I will get my car stuck somewhere and not be able to get out. How can I get my car out of the snow?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
I have had to make that transition to becoming a Northern driver myself, and it can be intimidating! The main things to remember are to be prepared and remain calm.
Getting your car stuck in the snow will happen; it does to everyone at some point. So, here is a list of suggestions to get your car out when the time comes:
  • Always have a snow shovel in the car: The best way to get your car out of the snow is to dig! Dig out the front and back of the vehicle. If the snow in the middle of your vehicle is high, dig that out too. Then, try to drive your car out of the snow slowly.
  • Rock it: Sometimes, there is snow and ice on your tires, making it hard to gain traction. Try pulling forward and then reversing a couple of times to rock the snow off. Avoid the temptation to floor the gas pedal. Again, you want to move slow.
  • Create traction: If you are still stuck, you may need some traction. This can be a challenging option if you are stuck in the snow away from home. You will need to find sand, dirt, salt, a large piece of cardboard or plywood, or even cat litter and put it around your tires.
  • Ask for help: Have you ever heard the saying rely on the kindness of strangers? It can be scary in this day and age, but we are all in it together when winter storms hit. Ask a neighbor or flag someone down if you need help. One person can push the car while the other steers it out of the snow. But if you do get help from a stranger, be safe!
One other option you have is to just call for a tow and let someone else do the hard work for you! If you’re looking for roadside assistance at a great price, try
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Good luck this winter—you will do great!
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