Where is the 1993 Ford Ranger’s OBD port location?

I just bought an old Ranger to work on in my garage, and I’m trying to get a read on its trouble codes. One problem—I can’t find the port. Where is the OBD port located on a 1993 Ranger?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
It sounds like you’ve got an exciting project on your hands! The OBD port on a 1993 Ford Ranger is located under the hood on the left side of the engine compartment. More specifically, you’ll find the OBD port in the same place as the fuse and relay box.
Since your Ranger was manufactured before 1996, you’ll be looking at OBD-I codes rather than OBD-II codes—as is standard in all American vehicles built after 1996. While you’ll likely need to use online resources or a trouble code book to unpack your Ranger’s trouble codes, here are some common codes that might appear for a 1993 Ford model:
  • 111: system passes (key on and engine off)
  • 10: system passes (key on and engine running)
  • 334: EVP sensor is reading high voltage
  • 113: intake-air sensor is high (or it’s open)
  • 223: dual plug circuit fault in the ignition system (memory code)
If there are any major issues in your Ford, you’ll most likely see some dashboard
warning lights
as well—like the ever-dreaded
check engine light
. Should this be the case, don’t be ashamed to take your pickup to a
car repair shop
to get a professional’s opinion.
Finally, if you plan on hitting the road in your fixer-upper anytime soon, make sure you purchase
car insurance
and get it registered first. No one wants a ticket to ruin the fun and increase your
Ford Ranger insurance costs
—especially on its first day out of the garage!
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