Can I get a car loan with a 519 credit score?

My 519 credit score isn’t exactly something I’m proud of, but I’m working on rebuilding it. My only problem is that my current car is about to die, and it’s not worth repairing. I need a car to get to work. Will a lender give me a car loan if I only have a 519 credit score?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
A 519 credit score isn’t ideal for a
car loan
, but lenders might approve your application in some cases. The two most common ways that you can get a car loan with your subprime credit score are by:
If you can make the down payment requested by the lender, they’re likely to approve your car loan.
Alternatively, ask a friend or family member to cosign for the loan. This person will need to have good to great credit and a willingness and trust to sign on your behalf. Keep in mind that if you fail to pay, their credit score will fall as a result.
If you don’t have the cash for a large down payment or you can’t find a cosigner, you can work with a lender who specializes in bad credit loans. While they will approve you, your interest rate might be 15% or higher. Only take a loan with one of these companies as a last resort.
Regardless of which method you choose to get a car loan with a 519 credit score, the lender will require full coverage car insurance. Full coverage can get expensive, especially if you don’t know where to look. But
makes shopping around for insurance surprisingly easy.
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