More Women Are Getting Into Car Collecting

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
Car collecting has often been seen as a man’s world. Despite interest and participation by women over the decades, the hobby and industry remain male-dominated.
But the scales are tipping. As the cars collected become more diverse, so do the collectors. More women are pursuing car collection, racing, and
classic car
restoration than ever before—especially young women.
Combined, the car collecting activity of Millennials and Generation X actually surpassed that of Baby Boomers in 2018. Their interest is reshaping the community, the kinds of cars reaching high values, and the numbers of women jumping into the field.
Car collecting is a hobby for everyone.

The current role of women in the car collecting world

The inroads women are making in the car collecting world are admittedly small, but the numbers show interest growing. As of 2019, women make up 10% of the millennials who own collector cars, according to
How Stuff Works
. That’s a whole 2% higher than the overall average.
And they don’t just buy cars. Many women are taking leading roles in the field, like Caroline Cassini, who the
New York Times
says is the general manager of a new classic car auction site out of Europe, or Tabetha Hammer, the president and CEO of America’s Automotive Trust.
Even female celebrities are getting in the game.
did a piece earlier this year highlighting 35-year-old popstar Lady Gaga’s car collection.
While it doesn’t quite rival Jay Leno’s, it does include some beautiful American classics like her ‘65 Lincoln Continental Convertible, along with a few European supercars like her 2017 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 coupe.
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Buying a classic car today

No matter your gender, this is an odd year to get into car collecting. Prices in the auto industry are way up, especially for used cars. But the classic car world isn’t so easy to characterize.
Some collectible models reached jaw-dropping auction prices in the past year, especially seemingly ordinary "affordable classics" like Honda Accords and Volkswagen Golfs. Other, more established classics like Ferraris and muscle cars dropped in value over the last few years, according to
Increased Millennial and Gen-X interest is in part responsible for this shift, coupled by a surge of nostalgia and desire for familiarity brought on by the pandemic. The inflated price of regular used cars, caused by the supply shortage of new vehicles, also played a role.

Classic car insurance

Getting into car collecting is like buying a horse. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and money. But it can also be extremely rewarding and connect you to a community of surprisingly open, like-minded people.
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