The Volcon Grunt Off-Road Electric Motorcycle

Carlos Kirby
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While the market has plenty of affordable off-road
, very few come with electric motors. Both Cake and KTM offer electric dirt bikes and scooters, but neither have the capabilities of the Volcon Grunt. 
This Texas-based company is about to change the entire motorcycle industry with its all-terrain, electric motorcycle. Their bold-looking fat tire electric motorcycle comes as an adventure and utility ride. 
According to
, it's perfect for slipping through nature quietly without disturbance. Here we will discuss the components and characteristics of this powerful eco-friendly vehicle.
If you love off-roading and motorcycles, the Volcon Grunt is what you need.

What does the Volcon Grunt offer that others don't have?

Having entered the industry in 2020, the all-electric 2021 Volcon Grunt is the first product for the company. However, it plans to expand its product line to include two and 4-seater electric UTVs later in 2021. 
For now, let's discuss the suitability of the motorcycle in tackling off-road trails.
Arguably the most attractive feature of this bike is its tires. They are suitably knobbly and wide to give the bike a 12-inch ground clearance. You may think that such big tires would produce a lot of rolling resistance and render the bike slow, but that is not the case.
It’s electric motor gets a rating of 50-hp and 75-lb-ft of torque. With this kind of power, the bike can run up to 60 mph in just 6-seconds. 
The company is yet to release the battery pack's capacity. However, it claims that the Grunt can drive for up to 100 miles on a single charge. The company also says the battery pack is removable, and you can recharge it within just two hours on a 120V socket.
Additionally, the Grunt's powertrain is IP67-related dustproof and waterproof. That means it can run in different weather conditions or theoretically underwater. These capabilities would be perfect for farmers, fishers, hunters, and off-roading enthusiasts.
Away from its chunky tires and electric powertrain, the Volcon Grunt comes with a digital display. It also has LED lights and adjustable power settings. But as of now, the company is yet to unveil the bike's brake hardware or suspension details.
The launch of this 2021 Volcon Grunt will be during this year's spring season, and the expected starting price will be $5995. Its accessories will include hitches, mounts, and various racks. 
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Comparison between the 2021 Volcon Grunt and the Rokon Trail-Breaker

Although the 2021 Volcon Grunt is yet to get released, there is already a company selling a look-alike bike. The Rokon Trail-Breaker is a heavy-duty, off-road utility motorcycle. 
However, unlike the Grunt, the Trail-Breaker has no electric powertrains. It comes with a 208cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine that produces only 7-hp and 9-lb-ft. Also, it comes with a CVT with three gear ratios. As a consequence, its top speed is only 32-mph. 
Unlike the Grunt, the Rakon offers 2WD, the first all-terrain motorcycle to have this. Additionally, it has a ground clearance of 15-inches, a few inches higher than the Grunt. 
Admittedly, the 24-inch wading depth on this Trail-Breaker can't compare to the waterproof Grunt. That said, the Tail-Breaker has hollow wheels, which means it can float on water. They can also store fuel or even drinking water. Despite that, the Rokon is not street-legal.

Other affordable off-road motorcycles

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For street-legal options, there's the Ranger which sells for $8575. Expensive right? Like the Rakon, it comes with hollow wheels, 2WD, and ground clearance. However, it has a top speed of just 37-mph.
There aren't many close competitors to the electric Grunt. However, if you're looking for an alternative to the Grunt on a budget, consider the Honda Trail125 ABC. Deciding between these options will depend on your riding habits and where you intend to use them. 
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