Top 4 Sports Cars of the '80s

Carlos Kirby
· 3 min read
Many people are beginning to realize the significant impact that 80’s car culture holds today.
Classic '80s sports cars
were heavily popular cult vehicles. 
Among the automotive icons and many
overlooked gems
in between, 80s sports cars established deep roots in modern car culture. 
The production quality of machinery during the 1980s was also high, so this explains the reliability and performance of these cars.
If you are into classic streetcars, you’ll surely recognize these 80s legends.

The classic sports car, Pontiac SLP Firehawk

The Pontiac SLP Firehawk ranks among the
40 unforgettable sports cars of the '80s and '90s
. During the '80s, the firebird was differentiated from the Camaro to allow consumers to select GMF-Body cars. 
The Pontiac SLP Firehawk was designed with many enhancements to the engine and drivetrain to perform better than other Formula One models. The interior of the SLP Firehawk had special elements; Firehawk stitching on the seats and the dashboard. 
Its fuel-injected motor has performed excellently over the years with a lot of SLP improvements. It is a top sports car worth investing in.
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Shelby CSX, Chryslers '80s savior

It was commonly referred to as the Dodge Shadow during the '80s. The Shelby CSX draws its power from an intercooler turbo 2.2 inline-four. 
Considering that the size of the car was small, the power suited it well, leading to its high performance. 
Shelby's CSX appearance has been upgraded over time. Due to its directive form and excellent performance, the CSX is a sports car worth considering.

Dodge Spirit R/T

Dodge Spirit R/T
is one of the most iconic sports cars in the automotive industry. It was massively produced during the 1980s and 1990s.
The K-car platform builds Spirit on a special design that has rivaled sedans being produced today. 
However, It is rare to find any Spirit R/T sedans today. Although it can be available on the aftermarket, its manufacturers have ceased production on the original model. 

1987 Buick GNX

The classic Buick GNX
is a turbo-powered street cruiser from the '80s. Its design is unique from the rest, assuming you aren’t looking for a sleek and elegant sports car.
Many brands have re-badged previous versions of their original models. GM took a different angle and built the Buick GNX. It is noticeably fast and one of the most desirable cars of the 80s. 
Its performance is astronomical considering the era from which the car originates. This is a sports car highly sought after by car collectors. 
It dominated the rally circuit for a long time when it comes to performance. Comparing its performance and the existing competition in the automotive industry, its designs can be outlandish.
It has a whale nail fin on the deck lid, with a sleek, boxy trim. Due to its magnificent features, its resale prices have continued to increase drastically over the years.
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