The Futuristic Bugatti Truck, Not Quite at Light Speed Levels but It’ll Sure Feel Like It

Serena Aburahma
· 3 min read
Luxury cars
can be pieces of art, and Bugatti has a history of creating fine works. For instance, the EB112
was intended to revive Bugatti's image
The art doesn't always get off paper, though. Three EB112s were made, and other concepts are merely digital renderings.
This doesn't make them any less delightful, and one rendering of a fantasy hyper truck from Bugatti created waves.
The future looks like this truck, except it’s not really built by Bugatti.

Bugatti truck rendering

Motor Trend
got pretty excited in March of 2020 over a rendering of a commercial semi concept. It was a hyper truck that could be a cargo hauler or tanker but looked like a bullet train. 
The creator of this hyper truck is Prathyush Devadas. He is a senior interior designer at Dongfeng, the Chinese automaker.
He clearly had Bugatti in mind though, since his design has key Bugatti elements. He gave it the low-slung profile and c-shaped front that most Bugattis have. It also has the strong lines Bugatti cars are known for.
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Innovative touches for the hyper truck

Some of the sci-fi feel comes from a circular glass pod on the front. The pod acts as the cab, and it is lifted away from the truck's body by thin metal struts. 
The nose of the cab is a metal oval with the Bugatti logo on the bottom. It has a horseshoe grill similar to the Bugatti Chiron and looks a bit like an air filter.
There is an oval on the sides of the glass pod that also connects to the truck. This could be for stability or be part of the door. 
The rendering includes nothing about engines or powertrains. We can imagine that it could be an electric car and could haul an exotic rig.
It has eight wheels. Six are lined up in the back, and two are near the cab. 
The digital creations give the truck a couple of color schemes. One truck is silver and red with the Bugatti logo and the name Bugatti HT on the side. Another rendering is blue and silver.
Bugatti makes a Chiron quad-turbo with a W-16 engine, and that gives the Chiron 1,479 horsepower and 1,180 pounds of torque. If Bugatti put that engine in this hyper truck, it would be truly impressive.

What became of the Bugatti truck?

At the time that the rendering came out, Bugatti was expanding its Chiron lineup. They added the Pur Sport, which is a $3.5 million coupe.
They planned to make 500 Chirons, and they had made half of those by March of 2020. They were also thinking about making an SUV.
In the meantime, other companies have created electric semi-trucks for commercial trucking. Swiss company
Futuricum's 18E
  traveled 683 miles in one day, and it advertises a 472-mile range.
There was a THOR 24 semi-truck advertised that had 3,972 horsepower. Even Tesla came out with a semi for commercial trucking. 
These new electric semi-trucks don't look nearly as cool as the Bugatti Hyper Truck. However, they are on the road.

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