Tesla's New Steering Wheel Isn't A Wheel and Isn't a Good Idea

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
, a company known for breaking the mold and pushing the
auto industry forward
, recently released their steering “yoke” in Models S and X. 
The new direction-turner might make drivers feel like they’re piloting a spaceship, but
Consumer Reports
says Tesla is taking their ethos too far with the rectangular device. 
Tesla is always trying to be on the cutting edge of car design.

What’s a steering yoke?

The first thing you notice when looking at Tesla’s new steering device is that it’s not round. Instead of a continuous, circular bar, the yoke begins in one hand and ends in the other, leaving the top open so as not to impede your view of the gauge screen behind it. 
After initial test drives, Consumer Reports is not a fan of the new contraption. Ten drivers of different genders and sizes tried using the yoke, and all of them had complaints.
Some had difficulty holding on to it. Others noted a decrease in control while making quick decisions at high speeds. Signals,
high beams
, and the horn were all unintentionally pressed, thanks to touch-sensitive, flush-mounted buttons.
And remember: these are trained drivers who were solely focused on driving the car at the time. Keith Barry, the Consumer Reports staff member who wrote the review, sums it up best in his first line. 
“My hands hurt,” he says.
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Tesla’s other, better innovations

When you’re set on pushing technology forward, you’re bound to make a mistake or two along the way. Thankfully, most of Tesla’s experiments have turned out for the better.
The electric car company is best known for leading the auto industry’s transition off of fossil fuels, and they continue to make strides in the area. As of now, they offer the EV with the best battery range, the
Model S
Long Range Plus, which has an EPA-rated range of 402 miles.
But that’s not the only part of the industry the brand has pioneered. They were also the first automaker to automatically update software for vehicles through the Internet as most computer software companies do now. Like the race to extend EV range, other brands have followed suit.

The cost of owning a Tesla

Tesla began by offering cars well into the luxury market. The first models from the company cost over $100,000. Since then, the brand has diversified its price range. Their Model 3 starts under $40,000.
Despite the brand opening access to people in lower tax brackets, Teslas are still appraised by insurance companies as luxury vehicles, meaning that premiums remain high. Tesla has responded to this by providing drivers with brand-specific
car insurance
options, but choosing Tesla insurance isn’t always the best option for Tesla owners. 
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