Tesla Driver-Assist Stops Unconscious Drunk Driver From Crashing

Ru Chen
· 3 min read
Being drunk while driving is risky. Falling unconscious at the wheel on top of it? That almost makes a
car accident
Autopilot system, while not always helpful, was a potential lifesaver here. It stopped a drunk and unconscious man from crashing in Norway.
Tesla packs its cars full of all kinds of advanced tech. | Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Car accident avoided using Tesla Autopilot

reported that an intoxicated Tesla Model S driver got behind the wheel and fell unconscious. This incident happened on July 30, in Norway’s eastern district.
This could have been a disastrous crash, but luckily the Autopilot driver-assist system managed to detect that something was wrong and slowed, eventually coming to a stop.
The situation was filmed by several motorists who passed by the car. They felt great concern when they saw the unconscious driver whose car was still in motion. They tried and failed to wake the driver up after honking several times.
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The Autopilot showcases its fail-safe for people sleeping

website clearly states
that Autopilot is a driver-assist system, not a self-driving system.
Tesla emphasizes that drivers should stay alert at all times and keep their hands on the wheel, ready to take control. It’s meant to lower the chance of accidents, but that doesn’t mean it always kicks in properly.
But when it does, it can really save a life.
It has a fail-safe for when people fall asleep. The system checks for torque applied to the wheel. If it senses none, it will regularly send out warning alerts to hold the steering wheel.
If those alerts continue to be ignored, the Autopilot will eventually slow the car down and stop it by the side of a road.
In this case, it seems like because of the motorists who were filming the unconscious driver in close proximity to the right, the Tesla was prevented from pulling onto the side.
However, it did still come to a full stop. The driver was, indeed, still unconscious by then.
The man’s driving license was confiscated by the police in the end for such reckless behavior.

Hit and misses for the Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot system has come under scrutiny
numerous times as people doubt its usefulness as a driver-assist system.
Some even say it hinders more than helps, but Tesla is usually quick to fire back and claim that the Autopilot system does not cause crashes.
It’s still difficult to judge. The Autopilot isn’t perfect, it’s an ever-evolving science.
In this case and many others, Autopilot could have saved the driver from being in a potentially fatal crash. That is an amazing technology to have.

Tesla’s autopilot and car insurance

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