How Some States Are Cracking Down on Speeding

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 3 min read
If you’re driving on Interstate 5 through
, you might want to be extra careful about
speeding tickets
That’s because state police agencies in Oregon and Washington are partnering with the California Highway Patrol to crack down on speeding and other unsafe driving on Interstate 5, according to the
Los Angeles Times
Through a social media campaign named "I-5 Alive" that’s set to run through July, police agencies plan to make all 1,381 miles of the freeway safer for travelers. The campaign will mainly focus on speeding and distracted driving, driving while impaired, and failure to use seat belts and child safety seats.

Increase in speeding tickets during the pandemic

Speeding is still a huge problem post-pandemic
It’s necessary to take action against the speeding and unsafe driving in this area because there was an increase in citations issued to drivers traveling more than 100 miles per hour during the early days of the pandemic. In fact, the citations went from 1,331 in May 2019 to 3,480 in May 2020—a drastic increase in two years.
In 2020, things haven’t improved much. Citations for speeding over 100 mph remain mostly at pre-pandemic levels. In fact, there were reportedly 2,201 citations in April, which is the latest month this year with available data.
So while the citations for this year were slightly lower compared to around the same time last year, officials remain committed to cracking down on speeding and other unsafe driving on Interstate 5. They are urging drivers to slow down, be patient, put down cell phones or anything else that
distracts from driving
, drive sober, and buckle up.
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Reduce speed, save lives

When it comes to serious injuries and fatal crashes, speeding is one of the most common factors, said the Oregon State Police Department.
In a statement, the Oregon State Police Department added that while
speeding tickets
are the most common ticket issued, the goal of speed enforcement is to save lives, not issue tickets.
As part of the campaign, officers of the California Highway Patrol, Washington State Patrol, and Oregon State Police will particularly pay attention to traffic violations that can lead to tragedy on highways.
Speeding is extremely dangerous because it can lead to
fatal car accidents
, but it also has other potential consequences.
If you get a speeding ticket, you’ll probably get a fine and your
car insurance
premiums will most likely increase.

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