The Intricate Relationship Between Aston Martin and James Bond

Hannah DeWitt
· 4 min read
As No Time to Die hits theaters, many James Bond fans are fondly looking back at previous films and comparing some of his most beloved rides. While Bond has driven many vehicles over the years and wrecked more than a few of them, it becomes very clear that
Aston Martins
are some of his most beloved vehicles. 
So when did this partnership between Aston Martin and Bond begin? If you're thinking it began in Goldfinger, you'd be correct. 
Aston Martins made their debut in the 007 movies in the film “Goldfinger” starring Sean Connery.

Ian Fleming was an Aston Martin fan

Bond may be one of the world's most famous cinema spies, but before he hit the big screen, he was a novel character. Ian Fleming, the mastermind behind the world's most suave spy, was a huge car enthusiast. In fact, the
Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team
described Fleming as "a renowned automotive connoisseur."
The first Aston Martin to debut in the novels was the DB III. In Goldfinger, James Bond was given the choice between this and a Jaguar 3.4. To say that this was a difficult decision was an understatement, but Bond is no stranger to making hard choices.
In the end, he chooses the DB III due to the battleship gray color, and the fact that it had lots of gadgets. Given that Bond's wide array of tools is part of what makes the books and movies so great, this was an easy pick. Bond also liked the fact that the headlights could change color, which can come in very handy when he's being chased at night.
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The DB5 started it all

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Unlike the novels, in which the DB III was Bond's first Aston Martin, the DB5 was the first to make its cinema debut in a James Bond film. In fact, Sean Connery was the first Bond to drive one in Goldfinger. He requested his trademark Bentley, but tech-savvy Q reported that it was time to upgrade to something a little more modern.
The slick silver DB5 suited Bond's image perfectly. It was fast, beautiful to look at, and could take a bullet or two if called for. Since then, it has been in a total of eight out of 25 Bond films. So how did the DB5 become one of Bond's most iconic cars?
Aston Martin had just won Le Mans, which made it the perfect time to start branching out. The British automaker loaned the film crew of Goldfinger a disguised DB4 and a DB5 for the film. It was an instant hit with fans, and since then, many other Aston Martins have been featured in the films.
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Just as James Bond doesn't restrict himself to just one lover throughout the films, he also doesn't choose only one car brand. He's driven many cars over the years, from a BMW Z3 to a Toyota 2000GT. Aston Martins are clearly some of his favorite cars, however, as he has a wide collection of them.
The Aston Martin V8 was featured in 1987's The Living Daylights. In the film Die Another Day, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish played a significant role in a car chase with a Jaguar XKR.
The DB5 continues to weave in and out of the films, making it clear that even though Bond may drive other vehicles, the DB5 will always be special to him. In No Time to Die, the DB5 makes yet another appearance, as well as an Aston Martin V8, the DBS, and the Valhalla, which is a hybrid.
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