The Famous Porsche 911 Is About To Be Dethroned By an in-House Rival

Aleena Juarez
· 4 min read
It's always interesting when a popular vehicle is overthrown by a sibling. It can be a great way for automakers to learn what consumers want, and how to make their current lineup better.
The Porsche 911 has been a favorite among sports car fans for a long time now. Even those of us that can't afford the
car insurance
on a 911, much less drive it, might get a bit envious when we see one drive past.
But it appears like there's a new Porsche in town. The 911 is finally getting some serious in-house competition from the Taycan. People are going crazy over Porsche’s new electric vehicle (EV).
A Porsche 911 on display | Twenty20

What’s wrong with the Porsche 911?

The 911 has everything a sports car should have, including stellar looks and incredible speed. But there are certainly valid complaints about the 911. If you're extremely tall, you might struggle to get behind the wheel, and quite simply, it’s an
expensive car
There's one big thing that is holding the 911 back, and that's the fact that it still runs on gasoline. According to data from the
U.S. Department of Energy
on fuel economy, the 2021 Porsche 911 models only get up to 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. At a combined gas mileage of around 20 mpg, the 911 is not the most fuel-efficient.
For some, the whole point of driving a smaller vehicle is to get better gas mileage, and the 911 simply isn't delivering on that front. Perhaps that's why a new Porsche is taking some of the 911's thunder. Though, to be fair, most people aren’t buying a sports car for the gas mileage.
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Why do people like the Porsche Taycan?

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In 2019, Porsche released its first electric vehicle—the Taycan. It immediately drew the attention of consumers because it didn’t run on gas. For consumers who are concerned about their carbon footprint, but want to look good while being eco-friendly, the Taycan is a win-win.
is probably less than thrilled with the competition, but it's a nice change for consumers who want a classy electric car. The Taycan is swiftly catching up with the 911 in terms of sales, as reported on
MSN Money
In 2020, the 911 had double the sales of the Taycan. But in the first quarter of 2021, the 911 beat out the Taycan by a mere 61 vehicles. There's still a long way to go in 2021, so it's unclear which Porsche will come out on top in the end. Even so, Porsche will be winning no matter which car you flock to.

A step forward for electric vehicles

The German automaker is taking advantage of the emerging market for electric vehicles with the Taycan. The popularity of the new car is another sign that more manufacturers will be keen to go electric with their vehicles.
Electric vehicles are far from the norm, but that's slowly changing. With insurance discounts and tax credits on electric vehicles and hybrids, many drivers are making the switch to electric. As more consumers decide to ditch the gas pumps, automakers will be encouraged to invest more into EVs. This in turn will help the environment become less polluted.
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