1 in 2 People Don’t Know How to Safely Transport Their Dog

Serena Aburahma
· 3 min read
When you decide to bring your dog along on adventures, do you give much thought to keeping them
safe in the car
? Our pets are our fur children, and so it’s important to keep in mind the dangers of bringing them along in the car.
There's actually a lot more you can do to safely transport pets. No matter how far you're traveling, it's a good idea to follow some basic tips to make sure your beloved dog is protected.
And don't forget to ensure you have the
right insurance coverage
in case anything should happen while your dog is in the car with you. Jerry can help you find the right insurance for any scenario.
Most people don’t transport their pets properly to ensure their safety during car travel.

Many people don't know how to safely transport pets

Halfords, a U.K retailer, asked people how they transport their pets in the car.
Motoring Research
reports Halford’s results,"43% of those asked said they 'completely understand' how to safely transport their dog". While 20% acknowledged their pet wouldn't be protected in an accident.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people in both the U.S. and U.K. adopted new animal companions as they stayed home. Because of travel restrictions, more people drive with their pets now, so it’s important that owners understand how to safely transport pets.
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Pet transportation tips

According to the Motoring Research article, Halfords has trained its staff to give pet owners advice on traveling safely with pets. It's also appointed a "Bark and Ride" ambassador, who recommends that dog owners take three basic steps toward a safer ride for their pet.
First, dogs (and other animals), should be restrained while in the car. Some products that can help with this include special harnesses, travel crates, etc.
Next, owners should be proactive in preventing overheating by making sure their car's air conditioning is working, and keep it running while their pet is in the car. Owners should also make sure to take water breaks on longer drives.
Never leave a pet alone in the car on a hot day.
Finally, extra items taking up space in the car's interior can make it hard for your pet to feel safe and comfortable during travel. Loose items in the car can also be dangerous in the event of an accident. A roof box is a great way to have all your items and free up space inside your car.

Pet insurance adds another layer of protection

Pet insurance is another layer of protection. It comes in various forms, from routine healthcare to only emergency coverage. According to the
Insurance Information Institute
, while the pet insurance industry is growing, 75% of pet owners don’t have coverage for their animals.
If you want to make sure your pet is fully protected in the car, start taking basic safety precautions and look into pet insurance options.
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