New York City Wants to Build One of the Largest Electric Car Charging Networks in the Country

Alexandra Maloney
· 4 min read
electric cars
are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the automotive world, one of the world’s biggest cities doesn’t want to miss out. New York City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) recently shared their plans to install thousands of electric car chargers throughout the city, to reduce New Yorkers’ carbon footprint.
The initiative comes after a bill was passed for all new passenger cars and trucks in New York to be zero emissions by 2035. The addition of electric vehicle chargers will help New York achieve this ambitious goal.
New York City plans to add 50,000 electric car chargers throughout the city.

NYC DOT’s plan for electric car charging stations

The adoption of more chargers in New York aims to make electric vehicles more widespread and accessible throughout the city. The city already has a fast-charging plan for electric vehicles in place, and the new initiative plans to add over 50,000 more by 2030. If successful in their plan, New York City would have one of the largest municipal
charging networks
in the country.
Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) signed legislation on Sept. 9 outlining the plan for all new passenger cars and trucks to be zero emissions by 2035. If adopted, the regulation would "accelerate zero emission truck sales, resulting in improved air quality throughout New York, especially areas more significantly affected by transportation related pollution," according to
The addition of thousands of electric vehicle chargers are the combined effort of NYC DOT and New York Power Authority (NYPA) to support the newly passed legislation. In a recent release from the NYPA, it was revealed that they have installed four of 28 planned charging stations in municipal garages throughout New York City.
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More initiatives for electric cars throughout NYC

In addition to New York city and state government efforts to create electric vehicle infrastructure, a start up company called Gravity is also helping to make EVs more accessible in New York City.
The company, which was founded in February of 2021, announced plans to convert a parking garage in New York City into a public charging hub for electric vehicles. The real estate in question is a 29-space garage on 42nd street in Manhattan.
Gravity understands that having a car, and finding a place to park it, in New York City is already challenging enough.
On top of that, electric car owners have to add in finding an open charging port for their vehicle on a regular basis, a challenge that can undoubtedly be very difficult. Gravity hopes to be able to combat this problem by constructing widespread public charging garages throughout the city.
Electric mobility company Revel also opened a public charging port in Brooklyn earlier this year, and Con Edison, an electric company, has cash incentives for using electric vehicles in New York City.

Is an electric car right for you?

As we can see from all of the electric vehicle initiatives happening throughout New York City, the country, and the world, electric vehicles seem to be the way of the future. So, should you invest in an electric vehicle?
Right now, the answer depends on your driving habits. Electric vehicles aren’t great for frequent long-distance drivers or truckers, because many EVs can take long amounts of time to charge. If you live in a place where public transportation is an easy and accessible option and you don’t even need a car, stick to public transport.
But, if you’re driving habits consist mainly of heading to school, work, or running errands nearby, an electric vehicle could fit into your lifestyle.
Not only will an electric vehicle help offset your carbon footprint and help the environment, but they’re often cheaper to maintain and fuel, too. With charging ports and incentives for purchasing electric vehicles popping up around every corner, now is a great time to invest in one for yourself.

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