Mazda Is Bucking Trends and Announced a New Gas Engine

Alex Healey
· 3 min read
It seems every major carmaker is moving into the electric vehicle segment, hoping to rival Tesla and future proof their brand. While
was a bit late to the party, the company has committed to the
electrification of all its models
within the next 10 years.
With this in mind, Mazda's latest plans to introduce three new gas-powered SUV models has raised a few eyebrows.
It’s not that surprising that these vehicles are gas-powered, after all, it will take a few more years for the electric revolution to really take hold. What’s surprising is that Mazda will be unveiling a new 6-cylinder gasoline engine along with these cars.
If the company really is moving towards electrification, what’s the point? Aren’t they at risk of falling further behind the competition in the EV race? Some commentators have claimed the company, buoyed by strong sales during the pandemic, has simply failed to read the room. But the truth may be a little more complicated than that.
Mazda appears to be zigging, while other automakers zag.

Mazda’s new line-up of SUVs

Mazda has had a great year in terms of sales, and its current line-up of SUVs were praised by critics for their safety and fuel efficiency.
However, as the industry shifts towards full electrification, Mazda’s announcement that its next SUVs would use a new gas engine has gone against the grain.
explains, Mazda is rolling out three new SUVs over the next two years. The Mazda CX-50 will be unveiled next month, and will share its architecture with pre-existing models.
However, the Mazda CX-70 and CX-90 will use a brand new inline 6-cylinder engine, boosting power and performance. This new development will be a first for Mazda, but is expected to be one of the last internal combustion engines ever made by a major auto company.
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Is Mazda abandoning electric vehicles?

MORE: Mazda's First Entry into EVs Isn't Exactly Groundbreaking
While it may excite a few old-school car enthusiasts, Mazda’s decision seems a bit tone deaf. Why champion a gas-guzzling 6-cylinder when most drivers want greener options?
In truth, while Mazda is planning on rolling out electric versions of its bestselling models, it has never been 100% comfortable with the shift.
It seems that Mazda, much like fellow Japanese carmaker Toyota, is banking on hybrid technology bridging the gap between our reliance on gas and the electrification of the car industry.
The company hopes that this new 6-cylinder engine will provide the underlying mechanics for its hybrid cars. It is also working on a
hydrogen-burning rotary engine
, which could rival electric power, once gas has been phased out.
While focusing on alternative fuel sources, rather than pumping all of its resources into EVs, may allow competitors to gain an advantage, Mazda is striving for the best of both worlds. It wants to keep fans of its traditional high-performance SUVs and sports cars happy, while also capturing a share of the EV market.
And if the adoption of EVs is slower than anticipated, or hydrogen power proves a more efficient technology in the future, then Mazda will be well-positioned to take advantage.

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