Were Lemons Rally Protestors Serious About Wanting Saturn to Return?

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
For all the true Saturn-lovers out there, don’t get your hopes up. The recent noise made outside
General Motors
’ headquarters to bring the
plastic brand back from the dead was (mostly) a joke.
"Organized" by Lemons Rally and the Detroit Bus Company the night before, the mock protest was a stunt pulled by a group of clunker lovers gathered to celebrate the worst the auto industry has offered over the years.
Despite the intended irony, demand for affordable cars is not a laughing matter.
Microchip shortages
and other auto production issues this year have pushed the price of used vehicles higher than ever before.
Saturns have been off the market for years, but apparently some people want them back.

What happened at the pro-Saturn protest?

As part of their "Rust Belt Ramble" event, LeMons Rally teamed up with the Detroit Bus Company (DBC) to offer participants a tour of city landmarks uniquely suited to the group’s taste.
According to
, rally organizers and DBC staff added the "protest" to the end of the tour the night before, encouraging their group of junker fans to make up signs in support of the Saturn brand.
While the group prepared their demonstration, DBC staffer and former Jalopnik intern Andy Didorosi contacted local news organizations to see if their prank could get covered.
Although the story has since been pulled from their site, reporters from Fox 2 Detroit who reported on the protest clearly didn’t get the joke, making it all that much funnier.
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What is the Lemons Rally exactly?

Lemons Rally is an offshoot of the 24 Hours of Lemons, an endurance road racing series for cars bought and prepped for $500 or less. Needless to say, these races are not for setting world records.
Lemons Rallies are for rattletrap enthusiasts who would rather enjoy each other’s company and check out all the fun cars than put themselves through the stress of the race track.
Cars are graded based on ridiculous factors like "creative roadside repairs" and "who made your hooptie."
Despite the absurdity, the Lemons Rally does have rules related to safety, driver eligibility, and liability. The number-one rule, though? "Don’t be a d**che."

Jokes aside: how to buy a cheap car in 2021

Finding a vehicle for a reasonable price this year isn’t easy. Used car prices are almost as ridiculous as the Lemons Rally protest, thanks to the high demand for vehicles caused by the fading pandemic coupled with a supply shortage in the auto industry.
Thankfully, prices are expected to soften as life returns to normal. Until then, buying from private sellers and cutting down on other expenses like
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