How Good Is Holoride's In-Car VR Gaming System?

Ru Chen
· 3 min read
If you own a virtual reality (VR) gaming system, you know that a lot of games have shortcuts for moving around due to real-life obstacles.
You wouldn’t walk a mile because of the game, because there’s just not that much space in your home. And if you’re traveling in a car, you definitely can’t play a VR game… right?
Holoride’s in-car
VR gaming system
might just solve that problem. It could just become the perfect
road trip game
Is playing video games in your car the future of driving?

Holoride bringing VR gaming to cars

reported on fun experiences with Holoride’s automotive VR gaming.
The first test drive occurred in San Francisco in a specially-equipped Audi all the way back in 2019. It takes years to develop a solid and safe VR technology, after all.
In 2021, Holoride offered Engadget another opportunity for a test run of their VR games. Holoride has created a VR system that is informed by the vehicle’s movement.
Yes, that means if you accelerate your vehicle, you speed up in the video game. There’s no predetermined route. Where there are roads, you can use this VR headset.
Now, you might be thinking how crazy risky it is to drive around while wearing a VR headset.
This is a good time to note that you can only use the headset if you’re a passenger, not the driver. Nonetheless, it’s a very interesting expansion of the usual VR options. And because you can use tablets instead of a VR headset, it allows for more flexibility.
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How does Holoride work?

Holoride focuses on the car part of automotive VR gaming. You can use any VR headset because it’s not proprietary.
If you already have an Oculus, for example, you won’t have to buy another VR system. If you own a car under the brand of a Holoride partner, you can connect to the VR system, too.
Currently, Holoride is working with Audi, Portia, Mercedes, and Ford. They hope to get more partners in the automaker world so that they can expand the arsenal of VR-interactable cars.
If you’re playing a running game in VR, your character will be in motion proportionally to the car you’re seated in.
Good news: the functions seemed very fluid and natural.
There was no motion sickness experienced, which is a big part of many VR gamers’ minds. Many players, after all, have loaded into a Half-Life: Alyx game only to realize they’re feeling sick from the game.
This test drive only featured games that were made for the demo. Holoride makes it very clear that when their system gets officially marketed, it will be with fully completed pleasing games.
Exciting news for anyone who wants to be able to play VR games in the comfort of their car. It sounds amazing for a long car trip.
Every time you enter the vehicle, Holoride would calibrate to your ride’s duration to adjust the game settings. You can automatically play a 10-minute game, a 30-minute game, or an hours-long game depending on how long your ride is.
Like Steam and other gaming distribution services, developers will be able to launch VR games in the Holoride system (with Holoride receiving a commission fee). The automaker and developer will both earn money from the process, and you will get a fun car experience.
More news on Holoride expansions should come out by summer 2022.

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