All About BMW ECO PRO Mode

With BMW’s ECO PRO mode, the ultimate driving experience goes eco-friendly—and saves you money on gas.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
BMW’s ECO PRO mode adjusts your vehicle’s throttle response and climate control systems to encourage a gentler driving style that can cut fuel consumption by up to 20%. 
All BMW vehicles, including electric vehicles, come equipped with ECO PRO mode, one of three driving modes that make subtle adjustments to your vehicle’s performance. While Sport mode optimizes performance, ECO PRO mode swaps high-powered performance for smart energy consumption, reducing emissions, wear on your vehicle’s most important systems, and even the risk of an accident. 
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What is BMW ECO PRO mode?

BMW’s ECO PRO mode is a standard driving mode on all BMW models which improves fuel efficiency and reduces aggressive driving. 
On a basic level, ECO PRO mode has two functions. It: 
  • Alters your vehicle’s throttle response to prevent harsh acceleration, which uses excessive fuel and energy, and
  • Reduces power to your climate control system and heated seats
With these two simple modifications, ECO PRO mode conserves energy, reduces fuel consumption—and has the potential to make you a safer driver. And because harsh acceleration (and the harsh braking that usually accompanies it) can put unnecessary stress on your vehicle, ECO PRO mode could even help to extend the life of your BMW! 
And that’s not all ECO PRO mode can do. You can use the settings to set a personal top speed limit in ECO PRO mode—so if you know you’re afflicted with a lead foot, your car can cut you off automatically. And while you’re in ECO PRO mode, you’ll get these EfficientDynamics benefits: 
  • The Route-ahead Assistant can offer tips on where to slow down to improve overall efficiency.
  • BMW’s Coasting function actually cuts engine power temporarily when you’re in drive with your foot off both the brake and accelerator pedals. (Don’t worry; it’ll come right back online as soon as you touch either pedal.). 
  • The automatic start/stop function kills the engine when you’re stopped (e.g. at a stop light) to reduce emissions and use less gas.
  • Your power steering system will turn on only when you turn, so it’s not wasting energy when you don’t need it. 
  • If you’ve got a manual transmission, the Optimum Shift Indicator will point out the best times to shift gears to reduce fuel consumption. 
Key Takeaway ECO PRO mode subtly adjusts your BMW’s settings to encourage a more fuel-efficient driving style that also puts less strain on your vehicle. 

Does BMW ECO PRO mode save fuel?

BMW claims that eco mode can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. Of course, your own fuel savings will depend on how consistently you use ECO mode—and how much time you spend in its performance-first counterpart, Sport mode. If you want to keep track, just check your digital instrument cluster—the miles you save will be displayed there. 

Does BMW ECO PRO mode charge the battery?

Yes, thanks to BMW’s regenerative braking technology! The BMW Brake Energy Regeneration system charges the battery when you hit the brake pedal or coast and can improve your fuel efficiency by as much as 3%

What’s the difference between BMW Comfort and ECO PRO mode?

Comfort mode is BMW’s name for its default driving mode. You won’t save as much fuel in Comfort mode, but you’ll be able to access the higher speeds your BMW’s built for, which is an advantage on the highway. If you really want to maximize performance, though, you’ll want to select Sport mode, which allows your engine to rev faster and tweaks the suspension and steering to keep things exciting.  
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How to turn BMW ECO PRO mode on and off

Turning ECO PRO mode on and off is simple. When you get into your BMW, you’ll notice a little button near your ignition button or gear shifter that says “ECO PRO” and “SPORT.” Just use that button to select the driving mode you want—and press it again to turn ECO mode off! 

Is BMW ECO PRO mode worth it?

Yes and no. Whether BMW’s ECO mode is worth it depends a lot on your driving priorities. 
If you’re trying to save on gas, ECO PRO mode is definitely worth it, especially if your vehicle is outfitted with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system. xDrive can drop fuel economy by about 2 mpg, but ECO PRO could help you make up the difference. The same goes for BMWs with automatic transmissions, which can use slightly more fuel than manuals. If you’ve got a thirstier SUV like the
BMW X5 xDrive 40i M Sport
or a gas-guzzling coupe like the
, ECO mode can help you use a little less fuel. 
But there’s a tradeoff: ECO PRO mode limits your speed, making it harder to reach those satisfying (and sometimes necessary) high speeds on the highway. A true driving enthusiast probably won’t find much joy in eco mode, and it can make passing difficult. If you spend a lot of time in the city, you’ll likely get more out of eco mode than if you do most of your driving on the highway. 
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