Here's How You Could Win a DeLorean

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Isabel Armiento
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
If you’re a big Back to the Future fan (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you’re in for a treat. For a limited time, you can enter a sweepstakes contest for the chance to win a revamped DeLorean—the same kind of car driven by Marty McFly and Doc Brown in the classic 1985 film.
Not only that, but if you’ve been hoping to
buy a car
but were turned off by the sky-high
auto prices
, here’s your shot at winning an incredible vehicle, free of charge. Enter now, and you might just find yourself driving the most nostalgic car in town.
Enter Omaze’s sweepstakes contest, in support of the Petersen Automotive Museum, for the chance to win a DeLorean.

So, what’s so great about this DeLorean anyway?

Any Back to the Future buff will understand why the DeLorean is a priceless piece of
paraphernalia. But even the uninitiated will be able to appreciate this car as a cultural touchstone.
According to
Mental Floss
, this new-and-improved model has been updated by the DeLorean Motor Company to include modernized elements such as a
Bluetooth stereo
, while retaining the original’s most iconic features, such as its gull-wing doors and 80s rear window louvers. Much like the original, this model also has a brushed stainless-steel exterior and a jet-black interior.
The updated two-seater model includes a five-speed manual transmission and a 2.85-liter V6
, which can drive up to 130 mph. The original DeLorean model was lacking in engine power, so this revamped model offers drivers a bit more of a kick, with a maximum horsepower of 130 and a maximum torque of 152 lb-ft. The DeLorean Motor Company has announced that while it will continue to produce new models, it also plans to sell more updated originals.

How much does it cost to enter?

That’s the best part—you can enter for free!
This contest is hosted by
, a for-profit fundraising company that partners with charities to raise money for a cause. If you want an edge, you can opt to make a donation to the Petersen Automotive Museum—which curates and displays significant historical cars—to submit multiple entries and get a better shot at winning. A $13 donation will get you 20 entries; $33, 125 entries; $50, 500 entries; and $100, 1,200 entries.
The car’s retail value is approximately $75,000, and taxes and shipping are included—making it a steal for even the most generous of donors. Great Scott, indeed!

What will these donations be going toward?

These donations will go toward funding the Petersen Automotive Museum’s new YouTube series, a creative endeavour aimed to teach youth about the cultural legacy and future of automobiles.
According to Omaze, "Your generosity supports the Petersen Workshop, a K-12 educational YouTube series that offers a turnkey solution to integrate the automobile into a STEAM-based curriculum."
The organization further explains, "The series provides interactive content, current research and insights into the history of the automobile to help students better understand the critical role of the car and what lies ahead for transportation."

OK, I’m convinced. How do I enter to win a DeLorean?

You can
on the Omaze website, from now until Jan. 7, 2022. The winner will be revealed on Jan. 26, 2022, so mark your calendars—and maybe plan a Marty McFly movie marathon in the meantime.

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