How to Add a Bluetooth Adapter to an Older Car

If you drive an older vehicle, a Bluetooth car adapter will let you stream music, listen to podcasts, and make hands-free calls.
Written by Liliana Pina
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
If your car did not come optimized for Bluetooth, there's good news. Older vehicles can add Bluetooth technology by utilizing a Bluetooth car adapter.
Bluetooth's increasing popularity has pushed automakers across the world to incorporate it into new vehicles. This technology allows distinct electronics to communicate wirelessly, which enables a host of new functions that promote the hands-free use and enjoyment of devices.
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What is a Bluetooth car adapter?

If your car is not optimized for Bluetooth but has an auxiliary jack or cassette player, you can use a Bluetooth car adapter to give your vehicle the capability you desire.
A Bluetooth car adapter is a small device that allows you to add Bluetooth to your vehicle without having to replace your existing factory stereo. These devices can replace auxiliary cords in your car, enabling you to connect your phone to your vehicle without using any physical connections. Bluetooth car adapters come with three popular options to choose from:

Universal Bluetooth car kit

If you solely need a Bluetooth device to make hands-free calls, a universal Bluetooth kit may be the best and most affordable option. The device consists of a built-in speaker and microphone that attach to your vehicle without needing to be connected to your stereo. Because of this, you will not be able to stream music or any other content from your smartphone or additional device to your car stereo.

Bluetooth cassette adapter

If your vehicle has its own cassette player, purchasing a Bluetooth cassette adapter is an easy and cost-effective method to add Bluetooth capability to your vehicle. You simply connect your phone to the Bluetooth technology within the cassette player and then put the cassette into your car stereo, enabling you to stream music, listen to podcasts, and even make hands-free calls.

Bluetooth car stereo adapters with FM transmitters

Whether you select the universal or vehicle specific option, these devices will enable you to add Bluetooth capability to your existing factory stereo and make hands-free calls, view call information on the stereo display, and sometimes even stream music from your device. To use this method, you must connect the adapter to the wiring on your current stereo.
Whichever option you choose, Bluetooth car adapters provide drivers with a simple and effective method to add new technology to your old vehicle. No longer will you have to
look away from the road to interact with your phone
while driving. Now, you can safely use your devices to stay connected as you drive—without sacrificing the your safety.

Can you add a Bluetooth car adapter to an older vehicle?

If you would like to add Bluetooth capability to your vehicle without replacing the existing factory stereo, your only option is to utilize a Bluetooth car adapter. Regardless of which option you choose, these devices work well with older vehicles, as long as they have an auxiliary jack or cassette player, but some vehicles may require a unique adapter to work properly.
Make sure you consult your local car dealership or your automaker’s website to see what additional tools you require to add Bluetooth capability to your vehicle.

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