Getting a Dent Out of a Car: Do Common DIY Methods Work?

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 4 min read
Getting a dent in your car is no fun, especially if your car is brand new. But it’s something you might encounter if you’re in a collision or a
victim of vandalism
There are many resources online that offer suggestions for getting dents out of a car without bringing it to a
car repair
shop. Most of these ideas use regular household items, which sounds convenient—but do they actually work?
We haven’t tested these ourselves, but here are some supposed methods we found on how to get a dent out of a car—and we’ll also let you know whether we think they work or not.
If you get a dent in your car, it might be best to let the professionals handle it.

Can you get a dent out of a car with tools at home?

According to
, there are a few household items that supposedly can get a dent out of a car.
They suggest heating the dent with a hairdryer, keeping it about 6 inches away from the car’s surface. Then, you are supposed to cover the dent with a piece of aluminum foil, rub dry ice over aluminum foil covering the dent (and wear rubber-coated gloves that can protect your hands from any injuries).
You can also reportedly try cooling the area with liquified compressed air. The idea is that the change in temperature will make the dent pop out.
The website also suggests using a plunger, particularly if the dent is not too big. You can try pouring water over the plunger on the dent, and push the plunger up and down.
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Do the do-it-yourself dent repair methods actually work?

But according to
Sioux Falls Dent Repair
, these home methods don’t work and may actually cause further damage.
The dent repair business cautions that using a plunger to fix a dent could make a bigger dent, and that hair dryers do not get hot enough to bend the metal back into shape.
They also point out that using dry ice probably won’t work either. In fact, it can damage the car’s finish, as well as your own hands if you aren’t careful.
Like Sioux Falls Dent Repair, we’re skeptical about using hair dryers, dry ice and water to try fixing any damage to a car. We’d rather let the professionals handle it.

Car insurance and dents

car insurance
might cover the damage, but it depends on the amount of damage and the situation.
If you have
collision insurance
, minor damage like a small dent should be covered. But if you can get the damage fixed at minimal cost without making a claim, this may be a better choice so you can avoid any possible increases in your car insurance.
Most of the time, it may not even be worth it to make a claim on a small dent.
If your car was dented intentionally through vandalism, it may be covered under a
comprehensive insurance
policy. This insurance covers damage to your vehicle that comes from a source other than a collision with another driver.

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