How Much Does Dent Repair Cost?

The cost for dent removal depends on a few factors, like how many dents there are, how large the dents are, and where the dents are located.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The cost for dent removal depends on a few factors: How many dents there are, how large the dents are, where the dents are located, your make and model, and where you live. 
Maybe you hit the curb a little too hard the last time you went through the drive-thru, or perhaps you were greeted by an unwelcome, surprise door-ding after your weekly grocery haul. Whatever the cause, dents in your car aren’t just unsightly—they can also cause your car's body to deteriorate faster than expected. 
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What is the average auto dent repair cost? 

Dent repair costs can fall between $50 to $2,500 depending on the dent. Small, shallow dents about an inch in size usually cost around $125 to repair. Repair costs for larger dents typically begin at $150 and will be more expensive if the dent is deep or in a complicated area to fix. 
If the dent is located in an area where your car has sensors, like your bumper, or located over multiple panels, your dent repair cost will rise significantly. 

Factors that influence the cost for dent removal 

Depending on a few key factors, you could pay as little as $50 or as much as $2,500 for dent removal. Here’s what influences the price tag: 
  • Size: Larger dents cost more to fix smaller ones, especially if the dent involves other types of damage to your car. 
  • Dent location: Dents that are tough to reach, on high-strength steel materials, or over multiple parts or panels will raise your dent repair costs. 
  • Depth: The deeper your dent is, the more you’ll have to pay to remove it. Shallow dents are typically less expensive than deep ones. 
  • Your location: Dent repair costs change depending on your area’s prices and the auto shop you visit. 
  • Make and model: A luxury vehicle will cost much more to repair than a budget-class car.

Professional versus DIY dent repair costs 

If your dent is small, you may be able to
remove the dent yourself
rather than bring it to an auto shop for professional repairs. While you’re looking at around $125 for very small dents at an auto shop, purchasing a DIY dent removal tool or kit starts at around just $4. 
Paint touch-up kits can set you back as much as $70, though, and you’ll also have to put the necessary time and effort in to repair your dent. If you aren’t careful, some DIY dent removal jobs make the dent worse, requiring an even more expensive professional fix. 
Even if your dent is small, if you’re unsure about your ability to fix it at home, always bring your car to a professional. You may end up paying twice if you try to fix it at home and worsen the damage instead. 

Should I repair a small dent? 

This depends on your car’s current state and whether you plan to sell it in the future. If your car is an older model with quite a few miles on it, it may not be worth bringing it in to repair a small dent. But if the dent bothers you, it’s probably worth the fix for around $125. 
On the other hand, if you plan on trading the car in at the dealership or selling it privately, fixing the dent beforehand can prevent its value from dropping, earning you more money. Weigh the dent cost against your desired selling price before choosing to do so, but it’s usually a good idea to remove a small dent before selling or trading. 

Does insurance cover the cost for dent repair? 

Your insurance policy may cover the cost of dent repair depending on the type of coverage you have and the cause of the dent. If the dent was directly caused by another person, a collision with a vehicle, the elements of nature, or a collision with an animal, your insurance will usually cover the cost of repair. 
That being said, it’s usually not worth it to make an insurance claim (and then deal with an increase in your rate) unless the dent is major. You can usually fix small dents without shelling out more than a couple hundred dollars. Reserve your insurance claims for major damage exceeding your deductible. MORE:
How to get a quote for a car body repair

How to save on auto insurance

Whether your dent is large or small, shelling out cash for aesthetic car repairs is just one of the many expenses car owners have to budget for each year to keep their wheels on the road. 
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Unless you’re confident about your DIY dent removal skills, professional auto dent repair services are usually worth your money. DIY jobs can sometimes make your dent worse, wasting your time and money.
While it’ll be hard to nail down an exact cost at home, assessing the location, size, depth, make and model of your car, as well as average repair costs at your auto shop should give you a good idea of approximately how much you’ll need to pay. Generally, the larger your dent is, the more it’ll cost.
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