Ford Raptor vs. Dodge Rebel: Which Should You Choose?

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Alexandra Maloney
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Both the
Ford Raptor
and the Dodge Rebel are great options for
pickup truck
enthusiasts. With that being said, each model has its pros and cons and there’s likely one option that fits into your life better than the other. 
Here, we’re going over the similarities and differences between these two trucks, and how to ultimately tell which is better for you, so you can be prepared to purchase in no time. 
Deciding between similar pickup trucks can be tough.

Ford Raptor vs. Dodge Rebel: Similarities

The Ford Raptor and the Dodge Rebel have similarities in terms of design and features. For starters, the two have virtually the same amount of cargo space at 52.8 cubic feet vs. 53.9 cubic feet, with the Rebel having the extra foot. The cars also have similar seating capacities, with the Raptor seating up to six and the Rebel seating up to five. 
As for technology, both cars have infotainment systems with display screens, stereo systems, and available Bluetooth connectivity. 
While not exactly the same, it’s also worth noting the off-roading capabilities of these two trucks are pretty similar.
Motor Biscuit
reports that the Raptor has an approach angle of 30 inches, a departure angle of 23 inches and a breakover angle of 21.8 inches, compared to the Rebel’s stats of a 23-inch approach angle, a 27.2-inch departure angle, and a 21-inch breakover angle. 

Ford Raptor vs. Dodge Rebel: Differences

One of the most glaringly obvious differences between these two trucks is the price points. While the Dodge Rebel starts at $44,490, the Ford Raptor comes in at a whopping $53,205. 
If price is a deciding factor for you, this could be a dealbreaker on the Raptor. For that price,
Green Dodge
reports that while drivers are getting a better transmission with the Raptor, 10-speed automatic compared to 8-speed automatic, the Rebel
can tow more
than the Raptor—6,730 pounds compared to 6,000 pounds.
These two pickup trucks also differ in their engine capabilities. The Dodge Rebel comes with a 3.6L V6 and supports 305 horsepower, whereas the Ford Raptor has a 3.5L V6 EcoBoost supporting 450 horsepower. If you’re interested in having a turbocharged engine in your pickup truck, the Raptor could be right for you.
As for the design features, the differences are pretty minimal, but the Rebel is praised as having a more stylish feel. On the outside, the Raptor has a 5-foot-5-inch bed and standard 17-inch aluminum wheels, while the Rebel has a 5-foot-7-inch bed and 18-inch black painted aluminum wheels. Plus, you can open the Rebel with a key fob, but the Raptor doesn’t have that option. 

What’s the best way to choose between them?

The Rebel is a cheaper option that can tow more, while the Raptor is more expensive with a better engine. If after reading all these similarities and differences, you still can't decide between the two—don’t worry! The best way to choose your next
new car
is simply to take a trip to the dealer and test drive both. Once the steering wheel is in between your hands, you’ll have a gut feeling on which to pick.
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