Ford Is Integrating a Unique New Safety Feature

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 3 min read
According to the Insurance Information Institute, the
F-Series truck was the
most frequently stolen
vehicle of 2019 (the most recent year with available data). Luckily, a new break-in detection feature from Ford is now available with its FordPass smartphone app.
The system, which has been rebranded as "SecuriAlert" after launching as "Guard Mode" on commercial vehicles, is meant to be activated when you are away from your vehicle, and disabled when you return to it, according to
Yahoo Finance
While car alarms may help deter thieves, owners may end up ignoring the alarm, fail to hear it, or not realize it’s their car. SecuriAlert, instead, gives car owners peace of mind by sending alerts right to a cell phone.
Ford's new safety feature will give you peace of mind | Twenty20

Ford’s SecuriAlert

SecuriAlert can easily be switched from on and off—"armed" and "disarmed"—using the FordPass smartphone app.
Once it is activated, the system works by sending a push notification to your phone if it notices an unwarranted entry, such as an attempt to open a door or gain access with a key. The system can also just alert you if your car alarm is triggered, whether you are close enough to hear it or farther away.
If the system is off and an attempt occurs, the FordPass app will display the time of activity and the reason, as well as your vehicle’s last known location.
When the owner returns to the vehicle, SecuriAlert can be easily turned off.
The FordPass suite of connected features, which now includes SecuriAlert, is free for customers.
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Other anti-theft devices

There are many anti-theft devices available for vehicles, from pre-installed car alarms to advanced security systems. Steering wheel locks, car wheel clamps and brake locks all cost around $50 each and will all prevent your car from driving.
Another option is a kill switch, which will completely disable your vehicle’s electrical system in the event of an attempted theft. You can install one yourself for around $25, or pay around $100 to have one installed by a professional.
If you install a GPS tracking system on your car, you can track it down with your phone in the event of a theft. They cost around $40. A tracking subscription, like Onstar, is another option—starting around $25 per month, it can track your car’s location and block its engine if it’s been stolen.
Most new cars come with remote locks that allow you to lock and unlock your car from your phone, and transponder keys, which won’t let you drive unless you have the key on you.

Comprehensive car insurance

Not only will
measures help protect your car, they can also save you money on car insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts around 15 to 20% if you have
comprehensive coverage
and install an anti-theft device in your vehicle.
Plus, comprehensive coverage will protect you if your car is stolen, and often reimburses you for the cash value of your stolen vehicle. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have a good comprehensive insurance plan to protect yourself in the event your car is stolen.
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