Even Toy Cars Are Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Holly Costa
· 4 min read
Going green is no longer just a concept for climate activists or forward-thinking idealists. It’s becoming more affordable to drive green vehicles because of tax incentives and
cheaper car insurance
as they become more popular.
All around the globe, individuals and businesses are seeing the benefits of setting goals with sustainability in mind. Some companies are rethinking everyday products and how to minimize the carbon footprint they leave behind.
As the auto industry continues to make great strides in its commitment to sustainability, toy car companies like Matchbox are also becoming more eco-friendly. Matchbox is finding ways to reimagine their products so they reflect the growing importance of sustainability.
Matchbox is giving toy cars a big makeover | Twenty20

Mattel’s plans for eco-friendly toys

Major car companies are more than aware that the fossil fuels released by their gas-powered cars are causing environmental distress. They seem ready to embrace a greener future, and so is Mattel. Of course, toy cars and trucks don't pollute the air.
But, by 2030,
Mattel's Matchbox
hopes to use only recycled and eco-friendly materials to make their toy cars and packaging. The company stresses the importance of play in shaping children's views of the future. As young minds go on adventures with their Matchbox cars, they will be exposed to the idea of sustainable technology and behavior.
Mattel's ambitious roadmap includes the addition of
electric and hybrid
toy vehicles to its line. Larger vehicles like the Matchbox Recycling Truck can charge up at the Matchbox Action Drivers Fuel Station complete with its own electric vehicle charging station.
The company’s long-term goals will incorporate 100% plastic-free packaging practices that are already implemented in its popular PowerGrabs line.
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The Matchbox version of the Tesla Roadster

The mini
Roadster recently introduced by Matchbox looks strikingly close to the real car despite its small size. The box it comes in is labelled "carbon neutral" which is becoming more commonly used to describe how to balance out the carbon we emit. This will be a beneficial idea for children to become familiar with as they grow up.
The sharp little model car is crafted from 99% recycled materials and kicks off the new green era of toy cars. Matchbox says the electric Roadster uses 62.1% recycled zinc and 36.9% recycled plastic. Even the paper packaging is made from recycled material.
The Tesla Roadster seems to be a sign of more things to come. Its launch hit the market before Tesla's actual electric Roadster did. Matchbox is also supporting grassland conservation projects in Montana and Colorado by purchasing carbon offsets to reduce their emissions.

A focus on sustainability is reshaping the auto industry

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Matchbox's designers work hard to align their models to real-life eco-friendly industry trends. The iconic toy cars first appeared almost 70 years ago. They have inspired generations of young minds to imagine and dream as they explore the world around them.
Auto companies are working to meet the challenge of reshaping how they build to address environmental concerns. Matchbox is mirroring the effort with impressive detail and creative innovation.
The demand for electric vehicles has grown, creating a market for
new technology in cars
. This eco-awareness is driving new developments in car manufacturing. Companies like Tesla and General Motors are leading the way. These companies are turning away from fossil fuels and making sustainability a key aspect of their brand.
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