Death by 1,000 Licks: A Mans Truck Was Damaged From Too Many Horse Licks

Aleena Juarez
· 3 min read
Some people like old beater cars to drive from point A to point B. Others want nice vehicles, and work hard to keep them that way. The only problem is you can’t control
mother nature
. It can be confusing to file a
car insurance
claim after weather damage, or other weird incidents outside of your control.
Things like
and fallen tree limbs can do a lot of damage to your vehicle. One unlucky
Farmers Insurance
customer had his car damaged by horses.
Watch out for animals that might damage your car in the countryside | Twenty20

How did the horses damage the truck?

All he wanted to do was hunt turkeys in Missouri. That's what the
Farmers Insurance
customer told his agent when he called to report that his vehicle had been damaged.
The hunter, who took a lot of pride in his vehicle, parked in a pasture where he thought his pickup truck would be safe. It was in perfect condition, and he had taken the time to wax it. The owner avoided the most obvious ways his car could be damaged like tree sap and fallen branches.
It should’ve been safe, but he wasn't counting on horses to come around. After returning from an unsuccessful hunting trip, the man found his truck surrounded by four horses.
As he approached, the owner found the horses licking the wax off of the exterior. It was then that he remembered using carnauba car wax. It left his car polished, but it had the mouth-watering scent of bananas.
When the hunter got closer, he realized that there were teeth marks all over the truck. The horses had gone so far as to dent the doors and chew up the fenders.
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Was the damage covered by Farmers Insurance?

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Farmers paid the claim for repairs on the customer’s damaged truck. Keeping your vehicle clean is a good thing to do. It usually extends the life of your vehicle, but this driver likely switched to a different type of wax.
The story was too good not to share for the Farmers agent, and it was entered into the "Hall of Claims". The claim could fall under
comprehensive insurance
which typically covers contact with an animal. Either way, it made a great story, and the driver had his repair costs covered.

How to prevent animals from damaging your car

If you don't live in the country, then there probably aren’t a lot of horses around that can damage your car. That doesn't mean you're immune from damages caused by critters and animals.
Mice, squirrels, and rabbits like to chew on car wires, especially those made from biodegradable soy. Stray cats may also leave scratch marks on your car. There are a few things you can do to prevent damage like using a car cover, and choosing cleaning products that don’t have strong scents.
Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep your car entirely damage-free, especially from unexpected events. That’s why it’s good to make sure you have the coverage you need ahead of time. If you want to find the most affordable coverage,
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