Over 170 Classic Cars Unearthed in London Warehouse

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Ru Chen
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Recent unearthings in London leave classic car enthusiasts shaken, perhaps even stirred. A mystery car lover who has hoarded 174
classic cars
in a dusty warehouse has decided to auction off his massive
. The collection is valued at more than £1,000,000! 
It’s not everyday you find hundreds of cars laying around in a warehouse.

Massive collection of classic cars dating back to the ‘40s

According to the
Daily Mail
, the private car collection is owned by a local businessman in Tottenham, North London.
Freddie Fison, 35, is organizing the sale for his family friend, the businessman. Fison said that the local council that owned the 45,000 sq ft warehouse needed the place back, which was why the businessman decided to sell it all.
A big decision, one that the businessman must have put a lot of thought in. This is a beloved collection that has been built up slowly (or quickly, if you consider 174 a lot!) over 10 years.
The collection started out a decade ago with a Mercedes SL, a comfortable luxury sports car that no one would scoff at.
The stunning collection only grew from there. As for which car is the most expensive, that trophy goes to the 1960 MG MGA red sports car in the collection that has a guide price of around £30,000.
Other notable cars include a 1975 Mercedes 350SL for £21,000, a 1989 BMW 635CSI for £19,000, and a 1973 Porsche 911 for £18,000.
The cheapest guide price goes to a 2000 Citroen Berlingo, which is worth around £120! Somehow, this cheap car has found more value just by being in a large collection.

A long journey of collection for the businessman

Fison even revealed each car was bought via individual negotiation, adding a personal touch and love to each purchase. It involved a lot of driving to and fro to buy and collect each car.
Perhaps it’s a funny sight for some, to see so many classic cars covered in dust and bird droppings. But not everyone can or wants to be Jay Leno, who spends millions to ensure his collection is in perfect shape.
It’s sad to hear that the local council has to take the warehouse back for redevelopment purposes. It’s obviously hard to find a home for hundreds of vehicles that combined need 45,000 sq ft of space.
His car collection journey might be seeing an end now, but the cars he is auctioning off might see a new home in other people’s classic car collections. 

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