Which Classic Car Best Represents You? Zodiac Edition

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
Our Zodiac sign tells us a lot about who we are, at least if we believe in astrology. Because each sign has such different personalities, we're sure there's a perfect
classic car
to represent each one.
Whether your classic car is a more obscure
1970 AMX
or a popular car like the 1967 Mustang, we’ve got you covered.
We’ll be defining classic vehicles as ones that first came into production at least 20 years ago. So while some of these classic cars remain in production today, others only exist in their truly classic forms.
Cue the VW van and Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In by The 5th Dimension.

The water bearer

People born under the sign of Aquarius march to their own beat. They're progressive, original, and independent. The VW Beetle is their kindred spirit in car form, having done its own thing going back decades.
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The fish

Pisces are compassionate, intuitive, and artistic. The Nissan 300 ZX is a great choice for this individual. Its stylish body and fast, easy handling make it the perfect representation of the soul that glides and darts through life like an ocean dweller.

The ram

Aries are known for being bold, confident, courageous, and determined. They go where they want, when they want, with no hesitation. The Jeep Wrangler is a great representation of this tendency, having spent decades fiercely overpowering the most rugged terrains.

The bull

Could we really suggest anything else? The Ford Taurus is the perfect symbol of this Zodiac sign, but not just because the two share a name.
The individual born under the sign of Taurus is reliable, practical, and stable. The Ford Taurus is much the same: a car that gets you where you're going without a lot of fanfare.

The twins

We're going way back for this one. A 1951 Studebaker Champion, with its famous bullet nose design, offers the perfect representation of the curious and adaptable Gemini.

The crab

Cancers are known for being tenacious, emotional, loyal, and imaginative. We can think of no better car version of this individual than the Ford Mustang. The Mustang has been thrilling drivers and passengers for decades and has some of the most loyal owners out there.

The lion

As a creative, passionate, and dare we say, a bit showy, person. The car you should be driving is an Alfa Romeo Spider. With a flashy body and performance as strong as a lion, it'll keep your life as entertaining as you are.

The maiden

Virgos are the workhorse of the Zodiac. They're loyal, hardworking, and practical. Do you know what else is like this? The Chevy Silverado 1500. Few other vehicles come close to matching this Chevy's work ethic, it’s practical and gets the job done.

The scales

Libra's symbol, the scales, says it all. You're on this planet to bring peace and harmony, and you're a big believer in balance and cooperation.
We think the perfect car for you is the Lexus ES 250. It's an elegant classic with a beautiful, balanced, and harmonious design that nonetheless doesn't go overboard with its showiness.

The scorpion

Scorpios are known for being resourceful, powerful, and passionate. They're not ones to let anything get them down.
The classic Toyota 4Runner is a lot like this. This resourceful car has been the go-to choice for drivers needing a powerful truck for well over 30 years.

The archer

For Sagittarius, the good life involves freedom, travel, and being outdoors. The perfect vehicle to represent this personality and lifestyle is clear: the Toyota Land Cruiser.
The Toyota Land Cruiser has been a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers for longer than pretty much any other off-roading vehicle. The vehicle’s rugged durability gets folks to the most remote adventures.

The sea horse

Capricorns tend to be somewhat conservative in nature. They believe in tradition, understated status, and quality craftsmanship.
For this reason, we think they'd be fully on board with the Aston Martin DB4. It's a midcentury classic that didn't necessarily call attention to itself in terms of its form but whose performance said it all: it was the first car capable of going from 0-100 and back to 0 in under 30 seconds.
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