4 Best Car Insurance Mascots

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Serena Aburahma
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
A TV commercial break rarely ends without at least one
car insurance commercial
. These ads are regularly regarded as some of the funniest and most effective on television. The key to their success is
car insurance
Mascots can help put a face to a brand in a funny, relatable way. If they are successful, they can keep a potential customer thinking about the company after the ad is over.
American Insurance
discusses some of their favorite car insurance mascots, and here are our favorite four.
Car insurance mascots have contributed to some memorable ads, and have even become as iconic as movie stars.

4. Jake from State Farm

In 2011, State Farm released one of the most iconic car insurance commercials. A wife is suspicious after catching her husband on the phone at 3 a.m. However, she surprisingly discovers that the voice on the other line is, as her husband insisted,
Jake from State Farm
Jake's appearance in the commercial is short, but iconic. He may just be a plain insurance agent in a red polo and khakis, but Jake from State Farm is a commercial legend.
After the success of the original Jake from State Farm commercial, State Farm attempted to revive the mascot with a new actor. This new Jake from State Farm plays a much more prominent role in the commercials, and while he is funny, he can't beat the original.

3. The Aflac Duck

Few mascots in car insurance have been around as long as the Aflac Duck. The Duck made his debut in 2000 and has been a part of more than 75 commercials since then.
Aflac's Duck is known for quacking the company's name as humorous situations play out around him. Nowadays it's almost hard not to say or hear a quack at "Aflac."
The public reaction to the Duck has been a positive one, and he has a major social media following. Not too bad for a quacking duck, if only all our pets could become stars.

2. The GEICO Gecko

GEICO has so many memorable mascots, from the stack of money with googly eyes to the cavemen who were so popular they got their own TV show. While these mascots are funny, they can't touch GEICO's longtime king of advertising, the GEICO Gecko.
This computer-animated gecko with a British accent has been part of
GEICO's advertising
for more than two decades. Each ad shows the GEICO Gecko living as a small lizard in a big world, and his friendly voice carries the insurance company's message well.

1. Flo from Progressive

Taking the top spot is Progressive's energetic insurance agent, Flo, one of the most recognizable characters in all advertising. Flo first appeared in 2008, and since then has been in over a hundred
Comedian Stephanie Courtney perfectly brings Flo to life as an enthusiastic employee at a Progressive store. She wants nothing more than to save customers money, and her ads help make Progressive a household name.
The commercials have become so successful that they have spawned a sort of commercial universe. Flo's ads now include a cast of recurring characters including other Progressive employees, none of which would be possible without Flo.
Just as Flo tries to help customers save money,
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