Baker Mayfield Has a Famous New Neighbor in His Progressive Commercials

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Alex Healey
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Since 2019,
insurance and Baker Mayfield have run a funny TV commercial campaign during football season, titled “At Home with Baker Mayfield.”
The Progressive commercials feature Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, and his wife Emily, enjoying normal suburban activities like hosting a yard sale, finding a house sitter, and welcoming trick-or-treaters on Halloween.
The humorous twist? The couple happen to live in Cleveland’s 67,000 capacity FirstEnergy Stadium!
The commercials have proved popular with TV audiences, and Progressive has now upped the ante by introducing veteran rocker Alice Cooper as their next-door neighbor.
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Progressive’s ‘At Home with Baker Mayfield’ commercials have been a hit.

Baker Mayfield and Alice Cooper, a classic odd couple

The humor in the “At Home with Baker Mayfield” campaign is derived from having a normal couple go about their business in very unusual surroundings.
As if Baker and Emily Mayfield living in an NFL stadium isn’t wacky enough, Progressive has pushed it a step further, by having Alice Cooper move into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum “next door.”
The contrasting styles of youthful, clean cut Mayfield and shock-rock wildman Alice Cooper, adds another layer of comedy.
describes how in the first commercial featuring Cooper, Mayfield has accidentally opened a package that was intended for his new neighbor. 
They meet at the entrance to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum, where the QB pulls imposing leather boots from the box. Cooper, (already dressed in his trademark leather ensemble) says, “Are you sure they’re not yours?”
He then enquires about borrowing a wheelbarrow from Mayfield, in order to “do a little mulching.”
It is the juxtaposition of a normal neighborly encounter, played out between two very contrasting individuals, both of whom are living in very weird places, that makes these adverts stand out.

When it comes to insurance, comedy sells

Progressive has long relied on funny spokespeople, with Flo, and more recently
Dr. Rick
, amusing TV audiences across the country.
Insurance companies know that their products are boring. By employing funny and memorable characters in their commercials, marketing teams hope to make an emotional connection with the viewer.
By making people laugh, these brands can rid themselves of the stuffy and serious reputation often associated with the industry.
Baker Mayfield is not the first NFL star to have been used to sell insurance, with Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning featuring in prominent ad campaigns by State Farm and Nationwide respectively. These men are seen as strong and reliable—desirable qualities that insurance companies want their brands to be associated with. This combination of trust-worthiness and humor is a potent marketing tool, and one that Progressive’s Baker Mayfield commercials are using to great effect.

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