Progressive Snapshot is a telematics program from
that tracks your driving behaviors and rewards good drivers with an average discount of $231 on their
car insurance
rates. One in five Progressive customers will see a rate increase, though.

What is Progressive Snapshot?

Progressive Snapshot is a usage-based insurance program that uses
to track your driving behavior and adjusts your car insurance rates based on how safely you drive. If you are a safe driver, you’ll pay a cheaper rate. But if you have some high-risk driving habits, Progressive can increase your rates.
Snapshot is available in all states except
. The details of the program slightly vary from state to state.

Is the Progressive Snapshot discount worth it? 

Progressive Snapshot could be a great way for many drivers to save money on car insurance—but it’s not for everyone.
iconIt’s worth it if you:
Avoid phone use that could contribute to distracted driving
Practice easy breaking and slow acceleration
Don’t drive many miles each day (like if you
work from home
Drive mainly during the day
iconIt might not be worth it if you:
Drive a lot at night (like if you work a late shift)
Have a long commute
Tend to brake and accelerate hard
Don’t like your data being tracked
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No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms · No fees
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Progressive Snapshot tracks your driving habits

If you’re a Progressive customer and you drive at least 4,000 miles a year, you can sign up for Snapshot for free. After you enroll in Snapshot, you can choose to participate in one of two ways: 
  1. Download the Snapshot mobile app to your Android or iOS device
  2. Request a plug-in device that plugs into the OBD-II port below your steering wheel
Progressive uses either the smartphone app or the plug-in device to monitor the following driving behaviors:
Infographic explaining that Progressive tracks behaviors like hard braking, rapid acceleration, driving between 12am and 4am on weekends, cell phone usage, and mileage to determine discount or rate increase amounts.

Progressive Snapshot app features

Snapshot’s app offers convenient tools for managing your account, including:
  • Dashboard: Your dashboard will display your current driving status, a list of your recent trips, and personalized driving tips.
  • Trip log: This is a more detailed list of all of the trips where you were the driver. If you spot a trip where you were actually a passenger, you can change it here.
  • Trip details: If you click on a trip in your trip log, you’ll see more detailed driving information, including a map with highlighted areas indicating phone usage, harsh braking events, and fast accelerating. 
  • Driving tips: As Snapshot analyzes your driving, your app will provide personalized tips to improve your driving—and your Snapshot score. 

Progressive Snapshot plug-in device features

The Progressive Snapshot device is really easy to use—just plug it into your vehicle’s OBD-II port. You can usually find this under your steering wheel.
If you can’t find your OBD-II port, check out Progressive’s guide to
plugging in your Snapshot device
. Select your vehicle’s make, model, year, and body type and you’ll see a highlighted area with specific instructions for finding the port.
Once the device is installed, all you have to do is drive! You’ll hear the device beep twice when you start your vehicle so you know it’s working.
If you hear the device beep once while you’re driving, it means it detected rough braking. Some customers complain that this can be a little sensitive, but do your best to take it easier on the brake pedal next time—this can affect your Snapshot score.

Progressive Snapshot offers a program participation discount

When you sign up for Snapshot, you’ll receive a participation
that is credited to your first policy period. The average discount for this initial sign-up is $94 and it will expire when you renew your policy. After that, you’ll receive a car insurance rate based on your driving.
This discount is only available for new Progressive customers and it isn’t available in Hawaii and
New York
. The Snapshot program is not available in

Progressive Snapshot offers a program completion discount

After you complete the program and renew your auto insurance policy with Progressive, they will credit your account with the Snapshot discount. This usually takes six months and it will depend on whether they have gathered enough data on your driving. 
According to Progressive’s site, the average Snapshot driver receives a discount of $2311
If you earn a good driving discount, your participation discount will be replaced with your personalized Snapshot discount. 
card icon
A discount with Progressive Snapshot isn’t a guarantee—as many as one in five drivers see their insurance premiums increase with Snapshot.

How other telematics programs compare to Progressive Snapshot

Most major car insurance companies have a telematics discount program similar to Progressive Snapshot. Here’s how other providers compare:
Telematics program
Average discount
Customer reviews (App Store)
Can your rate go up? 
Progressive Snapshot
Up to 25%
10-15% (up to 30%)
22% (up to 40%)
Up to 40%
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No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms
No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms · No fees
icon4.717k Ratings
5M+Drivers Joined
7M+Cars Garaged


Does Progressive Snapshot share my driving data with anyone? 

According to their
privacy statement
, Progressive reserves the right to share customers’ Snapshot data with third parties like government agencies, marketing and research companies, other insurers, attorneys, and more. You can opt out of having your information shared with marketers by calling Progressive at 844-582-5040.

What car does the Progressive Snapshot discount apply to? 

In some states, you’ll choose the car you drive most often. Snapshot will then associate your smartphone with that vehicle, and the app or device will track when you drive that vehicle. In other states, Snapshot will average the data from all drivers and all vehicles on your policy.

What if I’m not the one who is driving?

The app should automatically detect whether you’re a driver or a passenger. If it gets it wrong, you can reclassify your trip in the app.

Does Snapshot know if you speed?

The Snapshot mobile app uses GPS tracking and will flag it if you exceed the posted speed limit.

How long do you have to drive with Progressive Snapshot?

You need to drive with Progressive Snapshot for a full policy period (6 to 12 months) before you can get the Snapshot discount.

Can you restart Progressive Snapshot?

Yes—If you’re a Progressive customer and you want to try to get a better discount, you can simply start your Snapshot trial over at your next policy renewal.

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