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Snapshot is a telematics device and app from Progressive that tracks your driving behavior. If you drive safely, then you’ll earn rewards—like a nice discount on your car insurance premium.
The opposite is also true, if you exhibit bad driving behavior, your car insurance premium could also go up.
Overall, drivers like Snapshot because it’s easy to install, delivers real-time data, and could lead to worthwhile discounts for simply driving safely. This article will review the features of Snapshot to help you figure out if it’s right for you.
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What is Progressive Snapshot?

Progressive Snapshot is an app that can lower your car insurance rates by studying your driving behavior.
The Snapshot app is free to download to your mobile device, and it pairs with a small physical telematics device that plugs into your vehicle.
The Snapshot app tracks your speed, your distance, and how often you pick up your phone while driving.
Once you set everything up, the device starts tracking your driving behavior. After a 6 month period (the length of an average policy), the insurance company will look at the data.
If you’ve proven yourself a safe driver, you will be rewarded with a lower insurance premium.
You can also earn an immediate $26 discount (on average) just for signing up.
If you’re an unsafe driver—and thus a higher insurance risk—Snapshot might tattle on you. Your rates could go up. Progressive says this only happens to about 20% of Snapshot users, but it’s worth considering.
Overall, most drivers enjoy Snapshot for its instant feedback and straightforward discounts on car insurance.

Could using Snapshot make my rates go down?

Yes, using Snapshot can make your insurance rates go down if you’re a safe drive. And if you’re a new customer and you enroll, you can get a discount just for signing up. The premium discount usually occurs after a six-month period during which the company collects enough data to determine whether or not you’re a safe driver.
The average annual savings for Progressive Snapshot users is $145.

Progressive Snapshot discounts

Progressive’s Snapshot offers you more than just one way to save. Here are a few ways Snapshot can discount your car insurance:
  • Register for the program and you can save just by signing up
  • Start and stop your vehicle slowly, and the app will reward you with a discount
  • Don’t hit the road late at night and you could access more savings
  • Drive less, and Snapshot will consider you a lower-risk driver
  • Stay off your phone while driving! Snapshot knows when you pick up your device

What does Snapshot measure?

The app measures several data points that it uses to track your driving habits, research purposes, and to create your driver reports. Here are some of the things Snapshot monitors:
  • What time you drive (midnight to 4 AM on weekends is considered the riskiest time to drive)
  • Quick starts and stops (means you’re more prone to accidents)
  • Duration of your drives (if you don’t drive very often, you may get better rewards)
  • Speeds (keep your speed below 80 to be considered a safe driver)
  • Phone usage (Snapshot knows if you text or make calls while driving)

How does Progressive Snapshot work?

You need to be a Progressive customer to get the full benefits—but anyone can try Snapshot for 30 days to see if you could get a cheaper rate. Progressive will send you a quote after the trial period.
To get started, you’ll need to download the app and sign up for the program (iPhone or Android will work). It’s free to sign up. Then, the company sends you the dongle that plugs into your car, usually under the steering wheel or dashboard.
Now, all you have to do is drive!
Snapshot’s technology is similar to navigation apps. It uses sensors and cell towers to track your driving data. Then, it transmits the data back to Progressive via your smartphone app.
The app will ping you if you’re doing something unsafe while driving. After your trip, you can log on to explore your data and get information about your past drives.
If you’re going out of town on vacation, or if you’re not the driver in the vehicle, you can choose to pause the Snapshot app.
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How is my data used?

The information collected by the app serves two purposes.
One, the data helps Progressive reward you for being a good driver. With proof that you’re driving safely, it makes good business sense for them to offer you a discount.
Two, your information helps the company assemble and analyze a large dataset from thousands of drivers. This helps Progressive design policies, lobby the government, create marketing campaigns, or even share with third parties.

Is Progressive Snapshot worth it?

If you consider yourself a safe driver, then yes, Snapshot is worth it. In fact, you’ll probably love Snapshot. The app is a super-easy way to get rewarded—all you need to do is install the device and reap the benefits.
City drivers should be aware that the app is sensitive to starts and stops.
You do need to be a Progressive customer to enroll in Snapshot and earn discounts.

Are there potential cons to using Snapshot?

Snapshot could potentially make your rate go up.
City drivers may not like how the app penalizes them for constant braking. Plus, if you work a night shift or tend to drive during busy or “risky” hours, Snapshot may not be helpful in decreasing your rates.
But if you try it and don’t like it, you can opt-out of the program within 45 days. Just keep in mind that you’ll lose your discount for signing up.

Frequently asked questions

How much can Progressive Snapshot save you?

Depending on your driving habits, you could save about $145 per year on your premium by using Snapshot. There are lots of additional discounts you could be eligible for, too, like bundling or driving a green vehicle.

Is it hard to sign up for Snapshot?

It’s super easy to sign up. Just contact Progressive, download the free app, and wait for the company to send you the device.

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