What Is the Cost of Living in Vermont?

The cost of living in Vermont can vary greatly. Learn how to find the cheapest cities—and how Vermont compares to the national average.
Written by Claire Beaney
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Updated on Aug 08, 2022
A single adult in Vermont needs around $47,397 to live comfortably. The average cost of living in Vermont is relatively affordable—but there are areas where Vermont residents pay more. 
Vermont is well-known for its iconic Ben and Jerry's Factory, delectable cheese, spectacular fall foliage, and excellent wineries and breweries. The state undoubtedly has a lot to offer, but how much does it actually cost to live in the Green Mountain State?
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How high is the cost of living in Vermont? 

As the state with the second-lowest population in the U.S., with only 624,000 residents, it’s not too surprising to hear that Vermont’s cost of living index (COLI) is 95.2.
What exactly does that number mean? The national average cost of living is represented by the number 100, so any number below 100, the cost of living is beneath the national average.
Beyond being under the national average, Vermont’s COLI is also lower than other Northeastern states—nearby New Hampshire is at 105.4, and Massachusetts is at 127.2.
To look at Vermont as a whole, we've put together real-world information about the prices of food, health care, housing, transportation, and other Vermont necessities. We'll also show you how much Vermonters pay for these essentials compared to how much people pay on average in the rest of the country.

Food: $324 to $952 per month

In this part of the cost of living, groceries are included, but eating out at restaurants is not.
Living Wage Calculator
estimates that the cost of food in Vermont ranges from $3,891 to $11,425 per year. Obviously, these values will change based on the size of the family, where they live, and how much their household income is.
A single-person household in Vermont will spend at least $336.75 a month on food, while a family of four would spend closer to $953.83 monthly.
For comparison, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the average monthly grocery expenditure in 2020 was $411.
That cup of Starbucks in the morning and your night out at your favorite sushi joint are additional costs on top of your monthly food bill.

Healthcare: $239 per month

The average annual healthcare expense per person in Vermont is $2,870, or $239.16 per month, which is much less than the national average of $477 per month.
Healthcare expenditures are difficult to estimate due to the vast range of expenses that families and individuals may incur. Someone who has a pricey prescription, for example, will pay significantly more per month for coverage than what's listed above.

Housing: $794 to $1,621 per month

Housing costs account for a significant portion of everyone's spending. In 2021, the average price of a home in Vermont is around $254,307—and this figure is anticipated to rise in the future.
How can we calculate the monthly cost of housing? Your monthly costs will be determined by your home type (and whether you own or rent):
  • Median monthly mortgage payment: $1,621
  • Average studio rent: $794
  • Average one-bedroom rent: $825
  • Average two-bedroom rent: $1,127
  • Average three-bedroom rent: $1,161
  • Average four-bedroom rent: $1,390
Of course, these are only averages across the state; variations depend on where you live. For example, the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom property in Rutland is $1,100, whereas the same size home in Burlington costs roughly $1,713 to rent.
How do housing costs in Vermont compare to those in other states? The average price of a house in the United States is $337,560, which is more expensive than the average rate in Vermont. In the past few years, the average rent has also increased to about $1,904 per month.

Transportation: $361 to $981 per month

Transportation is another cost that typically can’t be avoided as many can’t walk or bike as their only means of transportation. That said, some people use public transportation and their own cars, which explains the wide range of costs. 
In Vermont, the cost of transportation ranges from $361 to $981.08 per month. The cost of transportation for a two-adult household nationally is $818, so Vermont’s average is near the higher end of the range.
Here is some key info to help break down those numbers:
  • Average annual cost of car insurance in Vermont: $1,716 to $2,806 (
    basic liability
    vs. comprehensive and collision or
    full coverage insurance
  • GMT monthly pass in Chittenden County: $40
  • Average
    commute length
    in Vermont: 23 minutes
  • Average cost of a gallon of gas, July 2022: $4.49

How much you need to live comfortably in Vermont: $35,620 to $51,900 per year

A single adult in Vermont has to earn at least $35,620 per year, or $17.81 per hour, to live comfortably. A family of four would need a higher living salary, something like $51,900 per year or $25.95 per hour!
And, despite recent increases, Vermont's minimum wage sits at $12.55, meaning many residents struggle to fulfill their basic necessities. There's also a distinction to be made between spending on needs versus spending on wants.
Here are some Vermont budget checks for enjoyable, extracurricular activities, as well as how they relate to the national average:
  • Average cost of a date: $153.52 (U.S. average: $116) 
  • Average cost of a night at the movies: $10-12 (U.S. average: $10.61) 
  • Average cost of a Big Mac: $4.59 (U.S. average: $3.99) 
  • Average sales tax: 6%(U.S. average: 5.09%)
You may not require this much money to live securely, or you may require more than this average to meet all of your needs. The average person's annual cost of living in Vermont is $47,397.

The Vermont cities with the lowest cost of living

Each city's cost of living varies slightly. Some Vermont cities are either less expensive or more expensive than the state average.
Here are some of the most affordable locations:
  1. Brattleboro (COLI: 89.7): One of Brattleboro’s main draws is its historic downtown, which is lined with shops, galleries, and restaurants along the Connecticut River.
  2. Barre (COLI: 89.7): Barre is known for its spectacular mountain views and natural beauty, but it is most renowned for its incredible granite quarries.
  3. Newport (COLI: 81.2): If you enjoy the outdoors and prefer a small-town, traditional Vermont atmosphere, Newport is the spot for you!
  4. Canaan (COLI: 82.1): A picturesque community located on the Connecticut River, 
Consider one of the places listed above if you're thinking about moving to Vermont but want to keep your costs low!

How to easily find home and car insurance in Vermont

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