Property Taxes in Hamilton County, NE

The Hamilton County, NE property tax rate is approximately 1.59%, a figure that comes out to slightly less than the overall state average.
Written by Andrew Biro
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
With an average property tax rate of 1.59%, Marion County, NE ranks slightly below the Nebraska state average—most homeowners pay approximately $1,730 a year in property taxes.
When it comes down to it, dealing with property taxes is an unfortunate—though unavoidable—part of owning a home, and navigating tax rates that change from place to place alongside ever-shifting market values can be a frustrating task.
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Property tax 101

If you have never paid property taxes before, there are a few things you should know about how they work and what they’re for:
  • Your local government assigns and collects property tax as a means by which to fund public works and community services like libraries, education, transportation, etc.
  • Local marketing conditions and budgets—both of which change frequently—heavily influence property tax rates, so it is unlikely for rates to stay the same from year to year
  • Property tax will only ever apply to real, physical property like land, homes, and buildings
  • Using local market values and tax rates, a tax assessor will determine the actual amount you are required to pay in property taxes
At their core, property taxes serve as a reliable way for local governments to collect funding from people in the immediate community and are used to strengthen infrastructure, public health, and social resources.

What is the property tax rate in Hamilton County, NE?

Residents of Hamilton County are subject to an average tax rate figured at about 1.59% of all assessed home values, putting them just below the Nebraska state average of 1.76%. Based on this approximate tax rate, you can expect to pay around $1,730 a year in property taxes.

How Hamilton County property taxes are determined

In large part, property tax is influenced by current market values and the local government’s annual budget—a tax auditor is then employed to determine the tax rate for districts at the school, city, and county level.
From there, a tax assessor will determine how much property tax you pay by multiplying the property’s taxable value by the consolidated tax’s total rate for the various districts your property is located in.
As a result of the shifting factors that influence the Hamilton County tax rate, the rate for property tax will very rarely stay the same from year to year.

What do Hamilton County property taxes pay for?

Hamilton County’s local governments utilize property taxes as a means to fund and pay for a multitude of public services, some of which include:
  • Law enforcement
  • Roads and highways
  • Public health
  • Watershed management
  • Regional sewer systems
  • K-12 and community education
  • Transportation
  • Public housing
  • Building safety
  • Libraries

How to pay property taxes in Hamilton County, NE

For the most part, Hamilton County prefers that residents pay their property taxes online—here’s how you go about doing that:
  1. Go to Nebraska’s
    online tax payment website
  2. Select Marion County
  3. Search for your type of property (Real Estate or Personal)
  4. Select your property’s Parcel ID from the list
  5. Select the statement you want to make a payment towards
  6. Select to pay the first half, second half, or both
  7. Review your total (minus the convenience fee)
  8. Enter your credit card information
  9. Wait for credit card approval/declined page

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If you are a home-owning resident of Hamilton County, your property taxes are due on December 31st of each year. If you fail to pay your property taxes, the first half will be considered delinquent on May 1st of the following year and the second half becomes delinquent on September 1s
You can view your Nebraska property tax statement by visiting the Nebraska online tax website
. Select Marion County, search for your property (real estate or personal), select the property’s Parcel ID, and select the statement you wish to view.
In Hamilton County, the average homeowner pays approximately $1,730 a year in property taxes, with the specific amount depending on the value placed on your home by a tax assessor. Overall, this comes out to a tax rate that is roughly 1.59%, making Hamilton County’s property tax slightly lower than the state average of 1.76%.
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