Allegheny County Property Tax

The property tax rate is 2.22% in Allegheny County, PA, making it higher than the state’s average.
Written by Annette Maxon
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The average property tax rate in Pennsylvania's Allegheny County is 2.22%. With this rate, residents can expect to pay $2,553 a year. 
Property taxes are one of the less appealing and often overwhelming realities of owning a home. What makes property taxes even harder to understand is that they are constantly changing, making it difficult to budget or plan ahead. 
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Property tax 101

Property taxes can be overwhelming if you’ve never had to pay them before. So, here’s a quick overview of what you need to know when it comes to property taxes:
  • Local governments, often at the county level, collect property taxes to fund public works and community services—these can range from law enforcement to libraries, schools, and roads
  • For the most part, land, buildings, and homes (i.e. real property) are charged property taxes
  • A local tax assessor assigns tax rates on a property-by-property basis—market values and a local tax rate can impact a property’s tax rate
  • Property taxes are not fixed but frequently fluctuate with changing market conditions and local budgets
Overall, property taxes are a way for local governments to gather funding and reinvest it in the community

What is the property tax rate in Allegheny County?

The average property tax rate in Allegheny County is 2.22%, and residents pay an average of $2,553 annually. Taxes in Allegheny County are higher than the state average of 1.35% and the national average of 1.1%
If you’d like to dig deeper into Allegheny’s proposed 2022 tax rates, head to the
County Treasurer’s website
for a breakdown of tax rates by municipality.

How Allegheny County property taxes are determined

Each year, local government officials draft a new budget and fiscal plan for the upcoming year. This plan takes into account current funds and revenue generated from property taxes
Depending on the location of your property, your home will be assigned tax rates by your area’s municipality. Allegheny County relies on a base year method to assign property values. This assigns similar properties to similar values, eliminating the effect of changing market conditions. 
The county is currently using 2012 as the base year to assign rates. But this method is not foolproof—you can request for a local tax assessor to reassess your property if:
  • An attribute that could impact your property’s value was omitted
  • Mathematical or clerical errors
  • Physical changes are to the property—demolitions, renovations, or new buildings
  • A school district or municipality requests that new construction or major home improvement be reevaluated 
Do you own and use your property as your primary residence? If so, the
Homestead/Farmstead exclusion
under Act 50 will reduce your property’s market value by $18,000, while reducing your property tax rate and payment. 
Additionally, if you’re over the age of 60, have lived in and owned a home in the county for at least 10 years, and earn less than $30,000, you may qualify for the
Senior Tax Relief program
. Approved applicants can save 30% on their property taxes every year. 

What do Allegheny County property taxes pay for? 

Many of the services that keep the county running smoothly are funded by Allegheny County’s property taxes. Though the county budget changes every year depending on the community’s needs, the revenues from property taxes often go to these public services: 
  • Public transportation 
  • Roads and highways, watershed management, regional sewer systems, and more
  • Law enforcement
  • Libraries and museums
  • Public schools (K-12) and adult continuing education
  • Public housing

How to pay property taxes in Allegheny County 

Property tax payments in Allegheny County are due by April 30 each year. Any payments submitted before March 31 are eligible for a 2% discount
The county has three easy ways to
pay your property taxes online
  • Online with an e-check—this method only requires the routing number and account number found on your check. What’s more, it’s completely free with no service fees. 
  • Online with a VISA debit card—be prepared to pay a flat service fee of $3.95 for all VISA debit transactions. 
  • Online with a credit card2.35% of your payment will be added on as a service fee. This service fee must be a minimum of $1.95
You can also
opt to pay your property taxes
with an electronic bank payment. This payment form is similar to mailing a check, but your bank handles the mailing for you. To make sure your payment is correctly processed, make sure to include your parcel ID (lot/block) number on the account number or memo line.

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Property taxes are due by April 30 each year in Allegheny County. However, residents who pay their taxes before March 31 are eligible for a 2% discount on their tax payment.
All property tax statements and eBills will be issued in February.
Allegheny County residents pay an average of $2,553 a year with an average tax rate of 2.22%, which is higherthanthe state and national average property tax rates.
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