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With an average tax rate of 0.94%, Orange County, Florida residents pay an average of $2,152 a year in property taxes
Being a homeowner means dealing with property taxes. Precisely how much you’re obligated to pay in property taxes each year will depend on where you live, the assessed value of your home, and current market trends
With so many variables to consider, estimating your annual property tax obligation can seem a bit overwhelming. But insurance super-app Jerry has simplified the process by preparing this quick rundown of everything you’ll need to know about property taxes in Orange County, FL. 
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Property tax 101

If this is your first time dealing with property taxes, that are likely some key concepts that you’re not familiar with yet. Take a look at these property tax basics: 
  • Your local government assigns and collects property taxes to fund public works and community services 
  • Property taxes usually apply to real property, such as buildings, homes, and land 
  • Your property taxes will be determined in part by your home’s value as assessed by a local tax assessor 
  • Property tax rates fluctuate frequently based on local government budgets and market conditions
In short, property taxes are how your local government generates revenue to pay for public services and projects. 

What is the property tax rate in Orange County?

Orange County’s average tax rate is 0.94% of assessed home values which is slightly below both the statewide average in Florida (0.97%) and the national average (1.1%). At 0.94%, Florida residents will typically have to pay around $2,152 annually

How Orange County property taxes are determined

Property taxes in Orange County are levied annually and calculated by multiplying the assessed value of a property by the area’s effective tax rate - sometimes called the “millage rate.” 
The assessed value of a property is determined by the local tax assessor. If you feel that your home has been unfairly assessed, you have the right to appeal your assessment
The effective tax rate or millage rate is determined by adding up all of the mill levies or millage rates that apply to the property based on its location. Most homes in Florida fall into three different tax jurisdictions - their county, city, and district. Each of these jurisdictions will have its own millage rate that will need to be incorporated when calculating the home's total millage rate. 

What do Orange County property taxes pay for? 

Orange County spends tax revenue on a variety of public services and projects according to community needs. These include (but are not limited to): 
  • Public transportation 
  • Roads and highways
  • Public libraries and museums 
  • Local law enforcement
  • Public health
  • Building safety
  • Public libraries
  • Public education 
  • Sewer system upkeep and maintenance 
  • Mosquito control

How to pay property taxes in Orange County 

Orange County property taxes are paid four times each year in quarterly installments. They are due on June 30th, September 30th, December 31st, and March 31st.  
You have a few options when it comes to the method by which you pay your owed taxes. You can pay online, by mail, or in person. Here’s what you’ll need to do: 
  • Online: You can pay your property taxes online using a visa card. Taxpayers who choose to pay online are encouraged to set up a Paperless account.
  • By mail: You can pay your property taxes by sending a check in the mail using the mailing address P.O. Box 545100, Orlando, FL 32854 with payment made payable to Scott Randolph. 
  • In person: You can pay in person by going to the Tax Department located at 200 S. Orange Ave. 16th FL, Orlando, FL 32708.  

How to save money on homeowners and car insurance in Florida

Unfortunately, you don’t get a choice about how much you’re going to pay in Florida property taxes. But you do have a say in how much you pay for home and auto insurance! Odds are, you’re currently overpaying for both—fortunately home and auto insurance comparison super-app Jerry is here to help you fix that!
Jerry users save an average of $879 each year on auto insurance alone! - that’s over 40% of what the average total cost of Orange County property taxes ends up being. Talk about financial damage mitigation!  
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Orange County property taxes are paid quarterly on June 30th, September 30th, December 31st, and March 31st.
Your property tax statement will be mailed to you on November 1st each year.
The average amount a homeowner in Orange County FL pays in property taxes is $2,152 annually which is slightly lower than the national average of $2,471.

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