Marion County South Carolina Property Tax

The property tax rate in Marion County, SC is 0.53%, much lower than the national average of 1.1%.
Written by Jessie Devine
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Updated on Jun 01, 2022
Property tax rates in Marion County, South Carolina are 0.53%, which means homeowners pay around $440 per year in property taxes.
The amount of property tax you owe each year is determined by your county’s tax rate and your home’s value. The good news if you’re living in Marion County is that South Carolina has some of the lowest property taxes in the country!
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Property tax 101

It’s normal if you feel confused about property taxes. To get you started, here are some essentials: 
  • Property taxes are assigned by local governments like counties, cities, and school districts
  • They fund public services like infrastructure (roads and bridges) and education
  • People who own real property, like land and houses, must pay property taxes
  • Tax amounts in dollars are assigned by tax assessors who use the value of your home and the local tax rate
  • The housing market and local government budgets factor into property tax rates, causing them to shift
  • Property taxes collected from a community are used by that local government

What is the property tax rate in Marion County?

Marion County, South Carolina has one of the lowest property tax rates in the country at 0.53% of a home’s assessed value—and even that is above the state’s average of 0.5%. At 0.53%, owners of an average house in Marion County can expect to pay around $440 per year.

How Marion County property taxes are determined

Local governments create budgets every year and use property taxes to fund them. In Marion County, the amount of tax money needed is determined by taxing authorities (like the county and cities). Then, the Assessor's Office appraises properties to determine their values. The Auditor then calculates individual tax amounts using the appraised values and a rate based on the tax money needed.
Your property tax amount will be the value of your property multiplied by the tax rates of your taxing authorities.
How is your property’s value determined? Since taxing authorities decide their tax rates based on home values, they first have to determine what those values are. In Marion County, the Assessor’s Office uses a percentage of your home’s market value to determine your home’s assessed value. The two numbers differ, and the assessed value is lower.
If the property you’re paying taxes on is your primary residence, South Carolina offers a lower, 4% assessment rate (compared to 6% for land, second homes, and commercial buildings). This means you’ll pay lower taxes, but you have to apply for the lower rate yourself—it’s not automatic.
You may also qualify for property tax exemptions if you’re over 65, blind, or disabled. To find out more, check out the
Marion County SC Tax FAQ page

What do Marion County property taxes pay for? 

Property taxes collected in Marion County are used for: 
  • Public education
  • Public health
  • Emergency services and first responders
  • Libraries
  • Public utilities
Two-thirds of county-levied property taxes in South Carolina are used to support public education, and that includes Marion County. You can see a detailed breakdown of how your tax dollars are spent on your property tax statement.

How to pay property taxes in Marion County 

Property tax bills in Marion County, SC are mailed in the fall and are due by the following January 15th. After this date, they’re considered delinquent.
Notices for delinquent property taxes are sent out at the beginning of April and are due in August. Delinquent taxes incur penalty fees, so try to avoid them!
If you’re a property owner in Marion County, you have a couple of options for paying your bill. You can pay:
  • By phone by calling 843-874-7431. Have your tax receipt number ready.

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