Jefferson County AR Property Tax

The Jefferson County property tax rate is 0.59%, making property taxes in this county much lower than the national average.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Updated on Apr 08, 2022
The average tax rate in Jefferson County is 0.59%, and residents pay an average of $450 per year in property taxes.
Besides maintenance projects, the worst part of homeownership is tax season. How are you supposed to figure out what to pay for property taxes? Where do you send the money? You’re not the only one confused about your responsibilities as a homeowner, don’t worry!
Get ready to learn the basics of property taxes in Jefferson County, including what the taxes fund, how much you can expect to pay, and how to make your payments. This guide was put together by the home and
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Property tax 101

Taxes are confusing—even for tax experts! Let’s cover the
of how property taxes work before we dive into specifics.
Property owners pay taxes on their property, and this money goes to the government which spends the tax revenues on community benefits like road maintenance and libraries. In Jefferson County, this money primarily funds school districts, fire safety programs, roads, hospitals, and police. 
To understand your specific property tax situation, there are two important numbers you need to find out
The first number is the tax rate. This is set by your local government (and it changes periodically). 
The second number is the value of your property (which can change). Your property value is determined by an assessor or appraiser who calculates a figure based on your property’s condition and market conditions.

What is the property tax rate in Jefferson County?

Jefferson County’s average tax rate is 0.59% of the assessed fair market value—slightly higher than the state average of 0.52%. Based on this rate, you can expect to pay an average of $450 a year in property taxes. 
Check out the
County Assessor’s website
for the latest information about tax rates in Jefferson County. 

How Jefferson County property taxes are determined

Property in Jefferson County may be subject to multiple districts for taxation. For instance, you may pay county-level taxes as well as taxes levied by the state of Arkansas. These rates are set by the legislature or County Assessor and can change from year to year.
You can get your property assessed yearly if you do so by May 31. You can look up the prior assessedvalue of your property
. If you need to add a property, you must contact your County Assessor’s office. If you disagree with the value on your record, you can appeal the assessment.
There are a variety of
property tax relief programs
in Arkansas, so be sure to research your eligibility before you file. You could save a ton of money! 

What do Jefferson County property taxes pay for? 

Jefferson County spends the revenues from property taxes on a variety of county-wide services. These may include:
  • Streets and highways
  • School districts
  • Police and fire pensions
  • County libraries
  • Public health programs
  • Public safety projects
  • Addiction recovery services
County officials determine how revenues will be spent, but you can attempt to influence the tax revenue budget by contacting the County Assessor or your government representatives.

How to pay property taxes in Jefferson County 

While you can pay your property taxes as early as March 1, the statewide tax deadline in Arkansas is October 15. After October 16, only money orders, cashier checks, and debit/credit card payments will be accepted—no personal checks. Late payments must include penalties and interest. 
In Jefferson County, you can pay property taxes online, by mail, by phone, or in person. There may be a fee for making electronic payments (this is not collected by the government). 
To pay online, go
. You may need the owner’s name, address of the property, and taxpayer ID.
To pay via mail, send your payment to this address:
Jefferson County Collector
P.O. Box 6269
Pine Bluff, AR 71611
To pay via phone, call the Collector’s Office at 870-541-5313. 
To pay inperson, visit the County Collector’s Office at 101 East Barraque Street in Pine Bluff. 

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