How Many Dogs Can You Have in Louisiana?

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Technically speaking, Louisiana does not have any definitive legislature limiting the number of dogs one can own. The only legal stipulation regarding the number of dogs is a law stating no more than twelve adult dogs may be kept in the same primary enclosure.
“How many dogs are too many?” is a question whose answer Louisiana primarily leaves up to its local governments and homeowners associations, both of whom are capable of restricting the number of dogs one household may own.
Navigating Louisiana’s scant statewide legislature regarding the number of dogs one person may own can be difficult, and making sense of local dog laws can be even more of a chore. That’s why licensed home and auto insurance super app Jerry has put together this guide breaking down everything you need to know about dog laws in the Bayou State.
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Does Louisiana have laws limiting how many dogs you can own?

Generally speaking, Louisiana is somewhat lacking when it comes to legislation limiting the number of dogs one can own, with the only real law stipulating no more than twelve adult dogs may be kept in the same primary enclosure.
Ultimately, this does not place restrictions on the number of dogs you can inside your home, nor the number of dogs you may have in total on your property. As long as only twelve dogs per enclosure, nothing is stopping you from having multiple primary enclosures.
You may, however, run into dog-owning limitations at the county, city, or even neighborhood level, so it is best to check your local laws if you plan on adopting more than one or two dogs.

Are there any dog breeds outlawed in Louisiana?

At the statewide level, Louisiana does not outright outlaw any specific dog breeds but allows its counties, cities, and neighborhoods to do so at their own discretion. 
As you might expect, the most commonly outlawed dog is the pit bull, which is banned in at least six cities, including Morgan City, St. Francisville, Kinder, Mamou, Winnfield, and New Llano, while they’re restricted and considered dangerous or vicious in many more.
Other negatively stereotyped breeds—such as the rottweiler and Doberman pinscher—are also declared dangerous in several cities, resulting in certain restrictions being placed on the ownership and care of these dogs.
Then there’s the city of Crowley, which considers not one, not two, but twelve breeds to be dangerous, including Akitas, Alaskan malamutes, chow chows, German shepherds, Presa Canario, Siberian huskies, Staffordshire bull terriers, wolf hybrids, and the aforementioned pit bulls and Doberman pinschers.

What are the leash laws in Louisiana?

Thankfully, Louisiana does have a statewide legislature regarding leash practices, stating that no dog shall be allowed to run at large on unenclosed land or trespass upon the unenclosed—or enclosed—lands of another property owner. 
Failing to properly leash or restrain your dog could lead to an unprovoked attack on another person or animal, resulting in them being declared dangerous by a court, provided they do one of the following:
  • Bites someone unprovoked, causing injury
  • Acts in a behavior requiring another person to take defensive action to avoid injury, at least twice in 36 months, while both the person and dog are off the dog owner’s property
  • While off the dog owner’s property, attacked, injured, or killed another domestic animal at least twice in 36 months
Depending on where you live, however, there may be more restrictive leash laws to follow, so it is recommended you consult your local county or city legislature before taking your dog out in public.

Penalties for breaking dog laws in Louisiana

While the penalties for breaking certain dog laws in Louisiana can vary from municipality to municipality, there are a few statewide penalties that apply to all persons in the state, including:
  • Article 2321: Requires the owner of a dog to be held responsible for any damage their dog causes—whether it be damage to property, person, or another animal—if said damage could have been prevented by the owner through the exercise of reasonable care.
  • Statute 102.14: Dictates that whosoever fails to follow the proper care and restraint guidelines for dogs declared to be dangerous be fined no more than $300.
  • Statute 102.15: Outlines the penalties for owning a dog declared vicious—an unlawful act—requiring the offender to be fined no more than $500, imprisoned for no more than six months, or both.
Perhaps the worst penalty of all, however—and a sobering incentive to follow leash laws—is the mandatory euthanization of any dog declared vicious by way of a formal court hearing. For this to happen, a dog must first have been declared dangerous and then, in an unprovoked attack, seriously injured or killed a human being.

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