How Many Dogs Can You Have in Virginia?

Virginia has no statewide limits on how many dogs you can own, but many counties in Virginia limit dog ownership to 3-4 dogs per household.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
has no statewide limits on how many dogs you can own, but many counties in Virginia limit dog ownership to 3-4 dogs per household. 
Is there such a thing as too many dogs? Perhaps you're an enthusiastic dog owner, or you're simply curious about how many dogs are too many dogs. While the question may seem ludicrous to some folks, many states have particular limits governing how many dogs each household can keep. 
Curious about how many dogs you can own in Virginia?
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Does Virginia have laws limiting how many dogs you can own? 

Virginia doesn't have any statewide laws restricting the number of dogs you can own. However, specific municipalities have local laws that limit the number of dogs each household can home according to residential zoning laws. 
While the specific number changes from county to county, most counties limit each household to 3-4 dogs each, depending on where you live. 
It doesn't necessarily mean that you can't own more than your county's local limit. You may be able to own more than what your municipality allows, but you may need a special permit.
For example, Henrico County limits residential households to four adult pets each, but you may be able to exceed this limit if you successfully obtain a
Conditional Use Permit
. Residents can apply for this special permit through the County’s Finance Department. 
Other counties, such as Roanoke County and Chesterfield County allow residents to exceed local zoning limits by applying for a special permit at the county’s zoning office. 

Are there any dog breeds outlawed in Virginia? 

Good news for Pit Bull, Doberman, or Rottweiler owners—there are no breeds outlawed in the state of Virginia, and no county has breed-specific laws. 
That being said, Virginia is a "one bite" state and a "contributory negligence" state. In layman's terms, a dog owner can be held liable for a dog bite if they know or should reasonably know that their dog has bitten another person before or has acted like it's wanted to bite another person. 
If the owner disobeys local animal control laws when their dog bit another person or domestic animal, the owner can be found liable. Liability may include fines as well as covering bills associated with the dog attack, such as medical or vet bills. 
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What are the leash laws in Virginia? 

Virginia does not have a statewide leash law. Instead, the municipalities have specific rules governing whether dogs should be leashed in public. Some counties allow dogs to walk in publish off-leash, but they must be accompanied by their owner and kept under control via voice command at all times.  
For example, Henrico County doesn’t require dogs to be on a leash in public when they’re accompanied and kept under control by their owner. However, Henrico County does prohibit dogs from running at large. This restriction includes any dog roaming the county without direct supervision and control of its owner unless they’re in a designated, fenced-off dog park
Chesterfield County has a similar leash law legislature allowing dogs to walk off-leash as long as it's under their owner's control. 

Penalties for breaking dog laws in Virginia 

Virginia state law states that owners of dogs found breaking local running at large laws may be fined up to $100, but exact penalties for breaking other dog-related rules are unclear. 
If you break a dog limit law or your dog attacks someone, you may have to pay fines in accordance with the severity of your violation. This can include covering damages incurred by the victim, and in severe or repeat offense cases, your dog may be euthanized. 
Before walking your dog without a leash or inviting people to your home, if you have a nervous dog, check on your local dog laws and do all that you can to keep your dog and other people safe. 

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