How Many Dogs Can You Have in Alabama?

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While the Alabama legislature does not limit the number of dogs you can own or keep in your house, the law states that you can keep no more than three dogs outside at one time.
Commonly referred to as man’s (but also woman’s) best friend, dogs are trusty companions that have become more than just a four-legged cure to loneliness. In the hunting and farming-friendly state of Alabama, dogs can serve many roles and help with these tasks. 
Having dogs, maybe even a lot of dogs, may sound advantageous, right? But just how many dogs are too many in Alabama?
Jerry is the home insurance broker and super app that has fetched just about everything you need to know about dog ownership in the Cotton State. We’ll discuss laws regarding quantity and leashes, as well as any breeds that are outlawed.
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Does Alabama have laws limiting how many dogs you can own?

Where you live and the type of land there has the greatest effect on the number of dogs you can own. With over 95% of Alabama land achieving rural status, there is no legal limit in place, so feel free to own as many as you can care for.
If you have bred or adopted your dog, and keep them inside, then you are considered to own it—and can own as many as you want. You cannot, however, keep more than three dogs on your property outside. This helps limit the number of strays and keeps them safe, as no breed is equipped to survive in the wild on their own.

Are there any dog breeds outlawed in Alabama?

There are no dog breeds that are outlawed at the state level, but some “dangerous dogs” are banned in certain cities. Alabama determines a dog to be dangerous if they have bitten, attacked, caused injury, or killed a person without justification.
Several cities in Alabama have pit bull ordinances banning this specific breed. County code defines a pit bull to be any dog with the appearance and characteristics of bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, or any combination of any of those breeds. 
The following Alabama cities ban Pit bulls:
Within these city limits, it is illegal to keep, harbor, or in any way possess a pit bull. In addition, municipal law prohibits their purchase, breeding, and adoption

What are the leash laws in Alabama?

As any dog owner will tell you, it doesn’t take much for something to catch a dog’s attention and trigger them to run after it. With this in mind, Alabama has established laws to prevent dogs from running at large
Under Alabama Code Title 3, anyone in charge of any dog must confine them in one of the following ways: a leash when in public and physical means such as a fence when on your property.  The only exception stated by the law is that dogs are permitted to run free while engaging in agricultural work and hunting wild game. 
These laws are designed to keep other people, as well as the dog, safe since there is no saying what can happen when a dog runs off on its own. If you do not follow the leash and confinement laws, or the dangerous dog laws in Alabama, legal ramifications could follow

Penalties for breaking dog laws in Alabama  

Like any violation of the law, the type of penalty you face will depend on its severity. General dog ownership offenses result in fines and misdemeanors---but more serious cases can lead to felonies, which can result in probation or even jail time.  
Below is a simple breakdown of penalties dog owners would face for different laws they violated: 
  • Running at large: Failure to leash or confine your dog can result in a fine from $2 to $50. 
  • Non-dangerous dog bites someone on your property: The owner will have to plead and prove that they did not know the dog was vicious and will be subject to any of the victim’s medical expenses 
  • Injuries caused by a rabid dog: If the dog has already been declared dangerous by a court, the owner can face a Class B or C felony. If a court has not declared the dog to be dangerous, the owner can face a Class A or B misdemeanor. Any of these charges can result in jail time. 
The dog owner isn’t the only one who can face punishment for these violations. The guilty dog will also serve time with impoundment and can even be euthanized if the court rules it necessary. 

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